Thursday, 13 December 2012

Nourishing the Soul

By day the natural light shines strongly through the tall glass windows, by night it's delicately lit by lanterns and fairy lights. Either way you choose wonder through the doors of David's you walk into a modern, soothing atmosphere.

Smiles from welcoming staff nothing but a pleasant beginning to anyones dining experience.

Tables set with the traditional painted China with chopsticks at the ready and tea on the way. There's a great feel tonight as I sip my delicate green tea and scour the menu.

Suggestions are handed out left right and centre as the attentive staff explain the menu and tell us their favourite dishes. Don't think we are going to be going hungry........

Spiced Oolong tea quail eggs served with bean curd and wolf berries. What seems to look like a green olive is truly not. Soft boiled quail eggs are coated with the fragrance of the oolong tea, and served with delicate flavours to accompany with the bean curd and berries. Served at room temperature, it is an interesting and unique dish.

Dumplings were a fine choice of course, with the chilli pork dumplings and the shu mai of pork and prawns were delicious. The chilli dumplings was a kick start to the evening but it's not going to catch you on fire. Their is just enough heat in the dish which doesn't over power the soft pork flavours.

The one bite prawns were full of tasty finger licking flavours. Soft shell prawns would have to be my favourite of the evening. Eat them all in one go (head and all), don't be scared. Enjoyed by the table and quickly devoured, tiny little gems are sure to be that crowed pleaser. Sweet meat coated with that soft crunch and filled with spices mmmmm my mouth is watering as I reminisce.

The staff got excited about us ordering the next lot of dishes, which had to make me smile. I don't think I've ever seen anyone jump up and say yes to a dish that we've ordered before. So clearly this is good signs right, it convinced me that's for sure.

The Bao's come in a selection of 4, with needing to order in groups of 2. Spicy pork belly, Shredded Peking duck, Green soy bean bok choy and chilli or Spicy lamb with garlic and chilli. 

Now I've never had Bao before so I was excited to try them. A sticky somewhat sweet bun that's like puffy clouds fold over each of the fillings. I guess you could say that the flavour of the bun is similar to the heavier versions of the steamed pork buns or custard buns.

Each flavour style was tasty and went down rather well actually. So much so I considered ordering a second round. If you like sweet and spice and all things nice, then head for these.

Finishing our evening their was only one thing on my mind, of which I had chosen before I had considered looking at the main dishes. The dessert.

White chocolate filled dumplings served with peanut coconut praline and ice creams, is the only way to end the night in my eyes. Something unique to the restaurant and so smooth and oh so yummy. It is a perfect size to complete your evening and doesn't spoil what you have already enjoyed.

With David's it's all about the homeliness, traditional flavours and quality produce. The emphasis on taking Chinese food to the next level is outstanding with it's modern style but staying true to it's culture.

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