Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Watch out Wonka

It may not be a store filled with candy, but Lux bite better start to watch out for their own Slugworth because anyone who's any one would want to be sending in their own spies to try and get there hands on the creations that are showcased.

You can't say no to an offering of cakes or macarons, and if you can then you have a lot of self control. A warm afternoon lead me here with a friend and our eyes were opened and excitement set in, like a child in a lolly shop wondering what they could buy with their 50c. Well it may not be 50c but the cakes and macarons only make you desire all things indulgent.

It was suggested to us to go all out, and sure if someones telling us to do it why not go for it. A tea set for 2 will set you back about $48.00 and believe me, it's worth every penny. Each bite of this delicious deal takes you on a journey to places of decadence.

We start with 2 of their gourmet finger sandwiches, one being a Bamboo charcoal brioche filled their housemade pork jerky, fresh cucumber and kewpie the other a finger sandwich filled with delicate mushrooms in a light sauce.

What was different was the Bamboo charcoal brioche, I've loved the traditional french sweet bread but this is a brand new level of enjoyment. Smokey hints and of course the black colour entices you to just get into it and enjoy it. A great artistic invention to make Lux bite stand out from the rest of the cafe's or cake shops in the Melbourne precinct.

From here we move onto our selection of macarons, a selection of any 4. My choice was the Peanut butter and Jelly and Pineapple, lemon and ginger. My friends Jaffa and Coffee.

These Macarons have the WOW factor! Even Adriano Zumbo (one of my inspirations in the culinary world) say these Macarons are good, and he's a master. A light crisp shell is filled with gorgeous silky and mind blowing centres. They are fresh and each mouthful makes  you close your eyes in enjoyment.

My Peanut butter and jelly was exquisite, not too sweat but so buttery and laid with a jelly piece. The Pineapple, lemon and ginger is a like a summers day or a ray of sunshine. Light beautiful flavours showcased and balanced perfectly. All 3 flavours are strong on their own but they have found their tri pod of a marriage and brought them perfectly together.

The selection of flavours are extraordinary. Sour strawberry, oreo, toast, bamboo and more. If you don't like cake well I think you should at least go in and get a macaron.

To finish off our tea set we got to indulge in 2 cakes of our choice. A Banoffee Opera was my top choice and a Meringue Madness was the next to follow.

The Banoffee Opera..... what can I say? Actually I will bring you insight from what my friend said after she watched me take that first mouthful. "Did your mouth just have an orgasm?" Well maybe it did, but I never kiss and tell.

Layers of silky shimmering banana ganache, salted caramel and hazelnut sponge with hints of cayenne pepper. The classic Opera cake has been re-created to bring something tremendous. On first bite their is light flavours of banana which is taken over by the salty caramel and perfectly finished with the chocolate and the cayenne pepper places hints of spice on the back of your throat.

The Meringue madness was light and delicate. To recall this I believe it to be a green tea base with a sour raspberry mousse in cased with light meringue. A fine choice for a summers day.

This was also accompanied by a choice of beverage of which the Orchid Vanilla is a very fine choice to set everything together perfectly. When did tea get so fancy? Large cups are bought to you with the bag on the side, and although you may think well it's just tea. Open your eyes and see the difference in this presentation to the cafe next door where they just plunk the bag in a pot and serve it. It's cute and sets the mood.

It's a place to go, perfect for that girls day afternoon or a tranquil bite. And as Lux bite mention....... Life's too short. Eat Dessert first. I hold them to that.

Lux Bite
38 Toorak Road
South Yarra
9867 5888
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