Sunday, 16 June 2013

Keep it simple, keep it real

Some things are supposed to be simple in life and food tends to become one of those things that people think should be complicated. But it's not true. How often have you gone out recently and seen things on the menu you don't know or words that you read and think that someone just tried to be fancy and make up a word to make them look extravagant.

I understand that we are venturing onto new ground, sampling the new beginnings of things all things tasty but seriously, can't we enjoy the simple things in life? Not everything has to be so fancied up that the meal gets lost in translation.

I've located a quaint little place in Windsor where it's laid out with old school bar stools and styled up with vintage quirks that makes your eyes wonder the room. Chilled out tones suited to fit in with the local crowd of opp shoppers.

Parlour Diner provides humble service with a cheerful welcome that is always enticing in any establishment and made a dreary wet day seem less miserable.

Choose from the selection of burgers and rolls and down it with a cold beer or go old school with a choc malt milkshake. Simple and effective to enjoy some down time away from the desk or catch up with a friend.

My choice today was the Lobster and shrimp Po Boy a top of an Asian slaw in a sesame seeded soft golden roll. Fresh and tasty and simple flavours encouraged the taste buds to enjoy each mouthful. Although slightly difficult to eat with the jaw breaking tower of lobster and shrimp pieces atop of the overflowing slaw, but hey I am not complaining. It's a nice surprise to see such a tower.

I'm generally just a big kid at heart and although winter surrounds the outside world there was no passing up the choc malt milkshake option to wash it all down with.

Together with my Po Boy and milkshake (which only bought the husband to the yard), a selection of tasty sides were central to the table to enjoy. Jalapeno poppers were eye watering as the light batter encased the heat of the jalapeno juices which exploded on first bite. Pleasant to not have it stuffed with cooling agents as most places do, leaving for nothing but intense heat with the option to cool it down with some smashed avo if need be.

A good serve of curly fries is a given to anyone really. It's surprising how much curly fries taste compared to just your ordinary chip. I know it's all in the coating but it's still the same base isn't it? If I had to be a chooser between a chip, a wedge, a fry or curly it would have to be the curly. Although I am partial to a good mash but that's another story.

Although slightly more on the modern side of things, corn on the cob with lime and herbed butter was sweet and fresh flavoured.

Lastly on our table was the the Dog, a long wiener nestled in a golden soft roll finished traditionally with mustard and topped with fresh tomato salsa. This long snag was needing to be cut off each of the ends of the dog so that it didn't come back and hit you in the eye on first bite, it was full flavoured and hit the sides perfectly.

Everything was tasty and simple, perfect to meet anyones needs and a pleasant stop off that's for sure. A slight opp shop feel but contained a modern hit still matching to what we are now expressing our needs towards. But in saying that it downs't go over the top and maintains it's humbleness.

I am not trying to be hypercritical on the change of the world and where food is taking us. I just want people to still be aware of the simplicity food once was. I'm all for change and experimenting but food such as this, is something we need to remember.

Try out the Parlour Diner, it's sure not to disappoint.

Parlour Diner
64 Chapel Street
9533 2006

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