Sunday, 30 June 2013

The Ox is Slow, but the world is Patient

How do you learn to take it easy and unwind? Do you do what I do and have a music Monday, where all you do is potter around the house with tunes in the back ground and phone off the hook. Or do you go for a drive and find somewhere where you can enjoy a good coffee and read the paper and watch the surrounds. This is something else I love to do.

But finding that quaint little place where the noise pollution is down to a minimum and still have fantastic coffee and food can somewhat be difficult. Today I have taken a cruise around my local area and decided to settle in at the Little Ox located in Brighton but away from the centre.

Let me start by explaining my title to you "The Ox is slow, but the earth is patient". The Ox is a universally known animal for it's slow and plodding nature working in fields and rice paddies dragging the plow and get's its job done. The earth it patient expressing the meaning that time does not matter to nature.

I thought that this is a perfect description of the Little Ox, it's relaxed and cheerful environment allows you to take it easy, unwind and slow down. You are here to enjoy your time peacefully.

It's stylish sharp design of grey with bright yellow seating draws your attention to the cafe that sits happily on the corner. It's interior is fresh, inviting with a home style feel. You know the mood is set perfectly when the staff are welcoming and the music has each diner either bobbing their heads or toe tapping. In actual fact I thought a Flash dance could almost take place with everyone in beat to the music.

Coffee is great at Little Ox, silky crema and soft tones from the bean is always perfection and seeing they use Red star I would expect nothing else. Being a Sustainable and Fair trade coffee roaster they are focussed on delivering premium blends to it's consumers.

Realising that although it was late in the afternoon I had not yet achieved eating lunch, so there was no hesitation to scan the menu for something to devour whilst I enjoyed the serenity.

A lot of things were enticing which made it somewhat difficult to choose. A rich gourmet version of a mac and cheese is always a good comfort winter warming dish, a scrumptious burger and daily specials just caused great confusion in decision making. But alas I went for something homestyle with it's own spin.

A plump coconut and parmesan snitzel sandwich in toasted multigrain bread with fresh slaw is a good winner in my book.  Served with a pickle and vegetable crisps it hit the spot and was simplisticly tasty. You cant say no to a good schnitzel sandwich and sometimes we forget how good they are until to have one after so long.

If you enjoy oozing butter goodness then this is perfect. The multigrain bread toasted perfectly with butter seeping into the nooks and carneys making it more glutenous to each. The chicken schnitzel golden crusted and succulent and finished off with a cream fresh slaw is simple at best. The little treasures of the vegetable crisps are a perfect accompaniment and ever so tasty that you keep going back for them. So much better than a serving of fries.

If you are after a little something sweet to make your time even more pleasurable, a display of small bite sized cakes are the perfect solution  Enjoy it with a second coffee, or take it home (that's if it makes it home).

I did get my afternoon treat home of a peanut butter ganache tart. Although it may scream sugar overload warnings, this small tart was beautiful, smooth and easy to indulge in. The dark chocolate ganache balanced through the peanut butter sweetness. It wasn't intense in sugar or sweetness and went perfectly with my cup of tea.

The team here are great, friendly personality and happy to have a chat to you while you dine by yourself but at the same time courteous to know when to leave you be and just check up on you. It's a pleasant environment to spend your afternoon.

I will take great enjoyment returning to the Little Ox. A place where I can retreat from hectic schedules,  to be able to slow down and mossy an morning or afternoon away.

The Little Ox
452 New Street
9596 6577

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  1. You made me not only want to go out to a drive, but head down to Brighton. I really liked this post :)

    1. Thanks David, it's a great little possie. I hope you get a chance to venture down there.