Friday, 30 August 2013

& on the 8th day, He created BRUNCH

A while ago I visited a place who drew me in with their photos and words on social media, and now that I have been their in person all I can do is think about it.

A sucker for Brunch's, 8 Days knew how to win me over.

The menu wakes you up (or maybe that's the coffee you've got in your hand) as you attempt to choose between:
* French toast with poached pears and candied pistachios
* Omlette with piquillo peppers, sweet paprika potatoes and a jamon rocket salad
* Avocado & Persian fetta on sourdough finished with chilli, basil and minted broad bean dressing

All of these I wanted, actually to be honest their is absolutely nothing on this menu I wouldn't have. Everything read perfectly tantalising your taste buds and successfully confusing you first thing in the morning.

Sometimes decision making can be so hard.

Let's start with choice number one for us. Smoked salmon and leek croquettes, served with grilled asparagus, poached egg and a lime coriander hollandaise.

A golden coating surrounds a smooth centre of salmon and potato which is perfectly matched with the acidic lime flavours through the hollandaise sauce. A delicate poached egg oozes it's yolk and coated the fresh asparagus and added even more richness to the dish.

Our other choice was mine, and I can't say no to a bagel, let alone the photo of this dish which was what drew me into 8 Days. Of which I thank you for that.

A lightly toasted bagel filled with salmon, sauteed spinach, avocado and poached egg finished with a chilli lime hollandaise.

Was I headed for a food coma or what?

A generous serving indeed, 2 poached eggs a top of I'm pretty sure a 1/2 avo and lashes of salmon.

Every mouth full was just as amazing as the first, and that chilli lime hollandaise...... where have you been all my life?

The eggs once again perfectly poached and oozed it's golden yolk down the bagel tower.

As you could possibly tell I am excited about my breakfast, and as you should know by now I don't get this excited unless it is absolutely amazing, and this is Amazing!

Words can not describe how I am feeling now as I write this, I'm almost ready to just jump in the car and get one right now, and I don't care that I am in my PJ's hair not done...... It's worth it.

The coffee blend is smooth and hold a great flavour, unfortunately sitting outside on a cold windy day chilled my coffee so quick, but I don't care. It was delicious either way: hot or iced.

Not a coffee fan? Well never fear these guys surprise you with offering a Nutella chocolate. A glass rimmed with a thick coating of Nutella and hot milk served with Marshmallows. A fine good morning to fans of both chocolate and Nutella.

On a busy morning, almost packed to the rim service is still outstanding and friendly and smiling.

8 Days has served us in style and has now entered into my top 5 places to dine for breakfast/ brunch. It gives you that morning wow factor that will be sure to start off your day perfectly.

8 Days Cafe
1184 High street
9500 9711

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