Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Without ice cream, there would be darkness and chaos

Summer time for all of us is knowing those heat waves are on the way. We prepare for the worst, venture to the pools and beaches, test the air cons and get the BBQ's on.

It's a time where all of us understand each others frustration as we all reach the breaking point of too much heat. The sleepless nights, the mosquitoes, the constant cancelation of trains and trams where you are left under the blazing sun that just becomes the icing on the cake.

So how do you cool down? Is it with an ice cold beer with a fan on your face, is it ice baths and cold showers or is it eating bucket loads of ice cream from the container with a spoon?

On those even light barmy nights around the streets of Fitzroy you will find most of the locals being drawn to one place, Gelato Messina.

An array of cold sorbets and creamy ice creams are before your very eyes. From Pear and rhubarb, Blood Orange, Nought to just plain Chocolate. It's every kids dream and a saviour to all those who are suffering from the heat.

A daily special board of eye opening flavours are on the back wall that will confuse you even more trying to choose the perfect flavour combination.

Cues are out the door and along the street just to get their hands on some of this beautiful ice cream.

I have been there a couple of times now and even taken a pack for home and am impressed with the flavour combinations.

The sorbets are fresh, flavoursome and exactly what you expect. There are no hidden flavour enhancers that would disturb the balance of the bitter fruits or sweetness.

The Ice creams are more playful on the palate, sure you always need to offer your vanillas and your chocolates but things get very extravagant here.

Ice creams that experiment with combinations such as banana, peanut butter and chocolate for example is no where to be found anywhere else, well that I have seen anyway.

Ice creams with whipped cream and brioche swirled through a strawberry sorbet makes it seem so dainty, and it's as though I should be enjoying this at a ladies high tea.

If you always wanted a birthday cake as an ice cream cake, then here is another option for you. Mind blowing designs with extraordinary flavour combinations are available and I know I will be getting one for this years Birthday Celebrations.

If you are not one for cues then go earlier in the day and not the peak dessert times where those dining on Smith street will leave their restaurants, grab and ice cream and roam the streets with friends.

It's worth venturing there and more than once. People are consistently talking about Gelato Messina and I also will admit that I am too a fan, so much so there Cookbook sits on my coffee table and have already begun my plan to become an at home Messina Ice cream maker.

Gelato Messina
237 Smith Street
9017 5470

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