Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Yum takes a new level of meaning

Some may think that Pizza is all about the double cheese thick oily base, and that the best time to enjoy it is lounged back at home in front of the T.V.  However it has not always been the case.

For years we have continued to change the recipes and given us the perception that this is how it should be. This perception is wrong. I was shown today the true balance that should be recaptured to each of you to how a true Pizza should be.

Naples, Italy invented the pizza 200 years ago where it was to be a nutritious and healthy meal. That's right I said Healthy. Now when you think about all your places where you eat pizza I am fairly certain you can not place a healthy label on them.

Melt, located in Windsor has brought us an outstanding Wood fire pizzeria. Everything is made to order in a walk the line environment where you can happily choose a Classic pizza variety or go crazy and design your own.

Dough that is no oil, fat or sugar is made on site from a recipe that was taught to owners Dan and Elise whilst in Naples. I can not describe how amazing this recipe is, but to say perfection is not even enough how truly amazing this is.

We asked Dan today to give us a classic and what he would love to create, and by golly gee both were as good as each other.

The Classic of Hot salami which sits on top of a delicate tomato base finished off with caramelised onion, black olives, fresh chilli and a touch of Mozzarella.

For the free styler we got to devour a delicious Pesto base covered in sausage, red onion, roasted pumpkin, mozzarella and a touch of oregano.

The great thing about Melt is the process of the creation. Watch the dough be rolled, choose from the locally sourced, fresh and perfectly presented produce that are displayed in front of you for your choice, chat with the staff and watch the art of your pizza come together.

By the time you have got to the end and selected a drink at the bar, your pizza is ready and possibly at the table before you. That's right it's that quick.

Here you all are sitting at home waiting for your delivery that takes approximately 30 minutes and be just warm. But here I am driven out for 20 minutes and got my pizza in 2 (decision making not included in this time frame - that would clearly vary. It's almost like a kid in a lolly shop for me).

The saying 'Less is more' truly comes to play to make the perfect pizza and as you can see, it may not look like the pizza you're used to but it is truly going to change your mind as to how pizza should be.

It's so light that it's almost like the base disappears as you enjoy the surrounding flavours of your toppings.  The hits of spice in the Salmi pizza is softened by the caramelised onion and smoothed out by the touches of mozzarella.

The creation of the sausage pizza is bliss as soon as you take your first bite. Sweet pumpkin flavours, balance between the pesto base pork sausage. This one became the hit list of recreation for next time.

The enjoyment had eating pizza was remarkably strange, in a great way. Usually you eat pizza and straight away you feet fat, bloated and under satisfied. But here I felt great. I felt I had eaten healthy and their was not anxiousness or internal voices saying 'umm you shouldn't have eaten that'.

Melt is a great place for those who want to get together for a casual catch up with friends, have a drink and eat pizza. It's perfect. Tables for 4, areas for date night and an area for a gathering of 8 where you can have your own secluded room so you don't annoy the remaining diners with being too loud.

During Summer you should catch some raise in the outside court yard that engages warmth and bright colours.

The interior is warm and homey, with touches of Edison and hanging terrariums. Casual dining at it's best, and there is only welcome feelings whilst dining.

Owners Dan and Elise have put their hearts into every part of Melt and you can see it when they smile. They are proud in what they deliver and hats off to them for the hard work they have put in to showcase nothing but amazing pizza, that is nothing but enjoyable.

It's great to see people so proud of what they showcasing, and continue to extend their service from the moment of walking through the door to the moment they say farewell as you leave.


171 Chapel Street
9533 7110

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