Monday, 28 July 2014

I have Gormandized

Fairly new to the scene and making a significant entrance would be Ascot Food Store. A perfect possie for anyone wanting an explicit menu followed by outstanding service, all with smiles and grace.

There is nothing on this menu, that I wouldn't want to eat. Every dish is exciting within itself, and for me it's like a kid in a lolly shop who can't decide whether to get the 5 mates for 5 cents or some musk sticks.

It's not a standard affair for breakfast dishes, it's bold luscious flavours intwined together to lift and gage the love of food that everyone is on the hunt for.

Wild pine mushrooms, with parsley garlic butter on a toasted brioche, delicate pecorina and finished with a rich duck egg sets a new standard to just mushrooms on toast.

Soft toasted brioche slice soaks the juices from the grilled mushrooms, and combined with a duck egg that has a runny golden yolk, truly takes you away from your morning blues. Mix it up with a little side of pork belly instead of bacon, and you have dies and gone to heaven.

Such bold flavours from the egg and the mushrooms mixed with the butter did scare me with the intensity of richness, but it is perfectly balanced.

Fried egg with green mango salsa, peanut praline and pork belly is a succulent dish that pork lovers can not pass.

Golden scrumptious pork belly falls apart and has a sweet mouth watering crackle. Balanced with a fried whole egg and off set with a refreshing green mango salsa and the nutty substance of praline is unusual but perfect.

Although finding this dish a little dry, however the runny yolk does fix this. Ensure that all compnants are eaten together to allow for an even better experience of joy when eating. Add a side of avocado and goats cheese, if you find it still to dry.

If you have a sweet tooth, you can't go past the coconut sago pudding served with freeze dried lychees, nigella seeds and resting in a lime syrup. Perfect sago I have to say and the best way I have has it in some time. Those bursts of freeze dried lychees were awesome and a fight to the last one when sharing.  Enjoyed with a  70% hot chocolate, it's not a disappointment.

Fresh delicate flavours with hints of zest but off set with the fresh bursts of raspberries makes for a very enjoyable dish...... maybe not for breakfast as for my taste a little too sweet for a first meal of the day, but hey.....  it you have that desire for pancakes first thing you would need to go for this or the other dish that caught my sweet tooth's eye was the brioche with spiced raspberries, macadamia nuts and creme fraiche. YUUUUM!

What I loved about Ascot Food Store was the amazing attentive service. I have never in my days had so many staff if I was enjoying my meal. It may sound as though it's almost too much, but it was done so casually those who don't work in the trade wouldn't think twice about it.

The team was under the pump and everything was done briskly and they are all still smiling. No intense ringing of bells for service, not loud chatter from other waiters, no screaming of coffee orders, it was peaceful and a perfect enjoyment.

I have certainly found my new haven in my hood. And I know I will be going back, because I have to get through this amazing menu, I don't want to miss out on any dish.

Ascot Food Store
320 Ascot Vale rd
Moonee Ponds
9370 2649

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