Thursday, 16 April 2015

Top of it's Game

It's with no doubt as to why Top Paddock is hitting the high charts of the latest places to eat.

On the busiest road (Church st) in Richmond Top Paddock knows how to make you relax from the daily grime.

Decked out to glamorous measures with a modern interior, high bench seating, central barista station and calm exterior seating you almost believe your in such a busy location.

On such a pristine afternoon you don't need to question on where to sit. Overlooking luscious elm trees on s tiny parkland area it is tranquil and relaxing. A perfect place to escape.

The menu screams to you with freshness and amazing flavour combinations. Almost to hard to decide and to be honest I wish I was dining with more people so I could take more photos. Or maybe I could have turned into a freak and just taken photos of the surrounding tables so you can see how amazing each dish looked.

An inspiring tasteful dish of Pan fried local snapper served upon a tortilla with fresh avocado, tomato, rd chilli and a fried egg. Squeeze a little acidity of lime and this dish explodes with light fresh flavours.

Pleasant for those looking for something light. The snapper was cooked delicately and remained succulent. Hints of chilli powered through the lime coating and balanced well with the juicy tomatoes.

A tasty Fresh Queensland mud crab incased in a brioche bun with a fresh dill and fennel salad and lime mayo was exquisite or as I quote my mother in law "to die for".

This picturesque burger not only looked tasty but shone through it's flavours. Add a little hint of chilli if you love fresh chilli to heighten the flavours even more.

Both meals went down with a lovely fruity sav blanc and made it for a perfect grazing afternoon and catch up with friends.

Top Paddock focusses and commits to traceability of there produce. They ensure that full support are provided to their suppliers to deliver there visions and passions.

For this I know that there deliverance of meals will showcase bold flavours and amazing passion in the kitchen. It makes me really love what they do.

Top Paddock
658 Church Street
9429 4332

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