Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Happiness is.......

Where did the blue skies go? 2 days ago we were all praising the first day of spring and today we are back in out woollen jumpers venturing to grasp a hot coffee and comfort foods.

Twenty & Six is a quaint little cafe away from the main street of North Melbourne. Here it sits with it's cozy and calm interior making it the perfect spot to get out of the chill in the air.

Staff greet with a pleasant welcome and have ensured that coffee is ordered as soon as you are seated.

The menu speaks fresh and flavoursome and being filled with an array of dishes, showcasing a large use of fruit and vegetables.

For me the Sticky black rice pudding with banana, coconut cream, passionfruit and buffed rice. As it is presented the aroma of passionfruit surrounds you. Your mouth instantly connects with your senses and can't wait to hoe into it.

Elegantly presented in a large bowl that you can wrap your arms around as your spoon is dug through the fresh ingredients.

Not overly sweet and well balanced with the sprinkles of the puffed rice and crisp sugary corn flake pieces.

The problem for me was that I couldn't finish it. I wanted to believe me, it's delicious, but alas I met my match.

Twenty & Six is a lovely quiet place to sit and unwind during the week, watching the world go by, read a book with a coffee and just escape to some peace.

Weekends they are packed with locals and being a place that can sit about 20 inside at 8 or so outside, you'd need to get in early for your morning brew and breakfast.

I'd be interested in returning again to try some savoury dishes with the Herb crusted kingfish ceviche or the lamb shoulder being my next picks. Otherwise I'm going for the Brioche french toast, but taking a friend so I can steal some of theres to compare.

Twenty & Six
594 Queensberry St
North Melbourne
9329 0298

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