Friday, 17 June 2016

And I Ate

Winter is putting on it's charm with all this drizzle and gloomy skies. Normally on a day off such as this I would be rugged up on the couch watching TV series back to back, but today there was a need a need for food.

Ten One Ate has been on my list for some time now, and one of my work colleagues keeps talking about it so there was no time like the present than to venture out into the streets of Essendon to experience it myself.

This all sustainable and organic kitchen using local produce, has designed a rather leisurely menu to make for pure enjoyment.

With a menu that offers Buttermilk pancakes with a limoncello curd or Truffle scrambles eggs served with mushrooms, goats curd and caramelized onions is sure to get the apertite thinking.

Our choice this morning through was for the Potato waffles served with a hot smoked salmon, pickled heirloom beets, crisp kale, salsa verde and oozy poached eggs.

This picture perfect breakfast was a true enjoyment to eat. With a well balanced flavor combination, it was a perfect start to my morning. Waffle pressed potatoes that had a perfect golden glow topped with a good serving of smoked salmon which with the pickles of the beetroot and salt from the salsa verde, made for delightful eating. A small spray of fresh lemon lifted it even more. Adding some fresh avo and of course some bacon (you can't have breakfast without bacon) left me comatosed it gluttonous eating.

The other dish of the day was the Eggs benedict. Now this is no ordinary Benedict, in fact the one at Ten One Ate is served with delicious slow cooked pork shoulder, crisp pancetta, apple cider hollandaise and finished with apple pearls.

Not only did this dish look amazing it too was amazing. It is a picture perfect breakfast with is glistening apple pearls that truly are bursts of granny smith apples. Perhaps a little to sweet for this particular dish, however absolutely delicious. So delicious I would eat an entire jar of these.

With an addition of roasted mushrooms and avo, the breakfast was great. Pork shoulder was perfectly smothered in a luscious sauce, but not over powering through the hollandaise. This rich and tasty breakfast is one not to pass up.

Now because I can and felt like I needed to gormatise myself even more and go that extra mile in spoiling myself, the crazy shake came out to play.

Giant over loaded milk shakes that really is a meal within itself are always a fun table discussion. It can also become a somewhat regret after you finish it and have a sudden overwhelming feeling that you shouldn't have finished an entire one to yourself. Never the less, I had to do it.

The choice of the Salted Caramel finished with popcorn, macarons and a giant marshmallow came out almost as big as the Eureka towers.

Creamy caramel goodness left me feeling very full, but so satisfied.

This delightful cafe is one that you need to try and also return to. The vibe is bustling and the staff very friendly and attentive through out. You really have to get there.

Ten One Ate
1018 Mt Alexander rd
9379 4892

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