Sunday, 13 May 2012

And you will simply call her Mum

Mothers day is like no other for Restaurants and Cafes. Like Myers boxing day sales, families line up patiently and also some impatiently waiting to get in and devour their meals within there provided 2 hour sitting times. But what about the Management and Team of the venue? They are sprinting around frantically all day long, serving, re setting and ensuring the venue is maintained and well presented for their next sitting.

We try to make Mothers day just as special as the last, making sure there is breakfast in bed provided, Fresh flower arrangements, Mothers day cards, Luncheons and of course who could forget the new slippers and dressing gowns for presents. We put in every effort to show Mum we Love her and this tradition is for each and everyone of us, and Mother's enjoy it, seeing their children blossom and grow and have them show her appreciation for everything she have done.

It conquers all special event days, Christmas to Valentines day, New years eve to Fathers day. It's a day that you can not compare to any other, and Restaurants have to divide there trading day into seating brackets to allow for the overwhelming bookings they encounter for this one single Sunday in May.

My day begins with a quiet Family gathering at my Grandparents where we enjoy divine tarts, cakes, macarons and of course champers. A delightful brunch cuisine made by daughters for their Grandma and Mum. With the chill of winter in the day and Melbourne's weather being at it's best, there was no better way that to indulge in sweets and drink champagne while warming up in front of the heater and watch those grey clouds roll by.

Off to lunch at Paesano International Buffet Restaurant of which only opened it's door mid April and to experience it's first Mother's day. The line was endless for our seating time, and only being it's second seating of the day I can only imagine what they have tried to get through in there first seating. Stuck in Melbourne's down pour and 30 minutes later we are able to get though and to our table. Pleased to be away from the  mad house of the inside and enjoy the heated and covered outside area, we were able to hold conversations and enjoy family company with out having to yell or be bumped by those who walk past.

An endless wall to wall buffet assortment of cuisines, from fresh seafood and hand made sushi rolls, to cooked for you pizza and pasta bar, a selection of Indian cuisine, Asian noodles, The fried seafood selection and of course the dessert bar.

The line circles through the tables not knowing what you are going to immerse in. Unfortunately the line cutters were a draw back but came at an advantage to us as we always ended up with fresh produce. Not feeling like Indian we venture straight through to the seafood selection, fresh crab, natural oysters & mussels and prawns ahoy, with a selection of salt and pepper calamari to go with. All of which was tasty, the salt and pepper calamari was mouth watering and tender, and the fresh seafood department was extremely fresh and delicious in it's natural flavours. Just needing the chefs to watch for the bearding on the mussels and they are set.

Sushi bar was overwhelming with fresh produce and hand rolls being made in front of you, a selection of fresh pickled ginger, seaweed and sesame combination and of course the wasabi to compliment them. The tuna, king fish and salmon rolls were prefect and enjoyable.

Pizza pasta bar, look out. This area is packed with children waiting for there own individual pizza to come out of the oven, and the pasta cooked in front of you is a great idea instead of having to try and enjoy cold gluggy pasta with luke warm sauces. The thin crust pizza was a winner for me, but as there was an overload of margarita coming out and no takers I chose to put my own additional toppings on it from there cold meat and anti pesto selections and was pretty tasty I must say. My sister ventured to the pasta bar and came back with gnocchi and pumpkin sauce, a little bit more salt and you would have had a winner.

Now if you are wanting to venture into treturous waters on a day filled with families with young children, then head over the the dessert bar. A chocolate fountain with all the trimmings and an ice-cream bar with lollies and sprinkles and then a display of mini cakes from cheese-cake to pavlovas, jellies and slices. It's every kids and adults weakness and just like the beginning the line up for dessert is endless. And I just have to say the creme brule was possibly the best of the selection.

Although we had a great time and Mum was having the best time with her seafood selections, I question whether I really ate $45.00 worth of food. Although full and unable to eat anymore in fact I'm pretty sure I rolled out the door, I was left wondering this one question of which I don't often find myself doing so.

At times I felt pressured to eat fast due to time restraints and was also feeling over crowded in the lines at the beginning, but at the end of the day it's the company your with that makes your day. I understand the pressure that the staff were under, and perhaps I will return another day to experience the experience on a less demanding day.

But a word to the wise for Mother's day celebrations, get in to the first seating times, you don't have to wait as long and although you may feel pressured to get out on time, it's better than getting in late and then feel pressured to eat quicker as you see the next sitings arrive.

For the buffet eaters....... start at dessert first and work backwards. This way you can skip lines and not feel so claustrophobic while you move at snail pace and get people cutting in.

Overall for there first Mothers day, Paesano has done well, and will learn from this for Mother's day's to come. It was crazy as anything and the seating arrangements were holding over 600 people at the one seating. I know not everyone would be entirely happy with everything, but since when can you please everyone? What matters is that the Mum's had a good day.

To each and every Mother out there, I hope you were spoilt by your Children and enjoyed a memorable Mother's Day.

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  1. My parents are taking me here for lunch on Sunday. I'm not a fan of buffet restaurants but after reading this review, I'm suddenly looking forward to it!