Sunday, 6 May 2012

Immerse yourself in goodness

Walking through it's iron gates feels like finding your place on Cloud 9 with  front outside seating shaded by a luscious green tree, through to a large warm dining area you stop in amazement at the macaroon and cake display.

Magnificent floorless designed cakes with there shimmering glaze and gold leafing, leaves your mind wanting each one, even though you know you'd be crazy to do so. Not to mention Macaroon's, the craze that has left Melbourne in an uproar on who does the best flavour combinations. With over 10 flavours on offer there has to be at least 1 or 2 that would take your fancy for sure.

Although this tempting display of naughtiness lays in front of me I am here to enjoy a late breakfast with a friend. Welcoming staff allow us to take a seat and are quick to bring out menu's and get the first round of coffees going. Unfortunately due to us choosing to sit outside our lovely smooth flavoured coffee was quick to become an iced coffee due to the chill in the air, but with both of us being in a busy hospitality environment, this has never stopped us drinking cold coffee this very same way before.

A read over the menu and I am drawn to the cheese and corn souffle served with smoked salmon and corn, avocado salsa. who could refuse such temptations for a late breakfast? My friend chooses the herb crepes filled with ricotta, semi dried tomatoes and basil.

My souffle is so light and perfect mounded with salmon, it was exactly what I expected. The salsa accompanied it perfectly and with it's added Parmesan crisps made the entire dish delectable.The crepes were over flowing with the ricotta tomato and basil mix and were also fantastically balanced in flavour and the crepes perfection I think is how you could rate them.

After indulging in breakfast and feeling the wintry air, we venture inside for some take home delicious goodness. Unfortunately I do not have proof of the awesomeness that was my desserts that night as the didn't last long enough time to get my camera out before they entered my mouth and devour them all.

I can tell you though that they were worth every penny spent. A cake overloaded with a coconut lime and pineapple was the highlight. So light and heavenly, one mouthful will take you straight to your happy place. Along side this there was an extraordinary delight of raspberry creamed filled pastry that towered together finished with gold leafing. Both were remarkable and incomparable against each other.

I did also take some macaroons to to treat some work colleagues for an afternoon meeting that day, with a mixture of coconut, tonka (almost jaffa like), salted caramel, raspberry, lime & basil and hazelnut. All were bursting with flavours and enjoyed by all.

This hidden surprise down a side street near South Melbourne market is truly somewhere that you want to venture too. To unwind after market shopping or to hide away from the rest of the world, it is a perfect location to immerse yourself in beautiful food, friendly service and temptations galore.

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