Monday, 21 May 2012

She put the lime in the coconut

My evening begins on a rainy Friday night and after our initial restaurant is fully booked we lead ourselves to one of the Thai restaurants that I have had on my list, since moving to Black Rock.  Driving home from work I ask the hubby to make the reservation for me and everything is set. A quick speed home, hot shower and get myself gizzied up we head out.

Convinced I know where I am going I take to the wheel. When arriving I am welcomed but am somewhat confused that the name of the Restaurant is not the same anymore,  but we where shown to our table and offered drinks straight away so I push my confusion aside and get into the menu.

One Eleven Bluff is filled with traditional Thai cuisine that burst with flavours. A large variety of curry, stir fries and noodle dishes there is bound to be something for even the fussiest of eaters. To begin I go with the the crispy Golden Bags that are stuffed with flavoursome chicken & prawn mince and corn. These little treasures are delectable to enjoy and was a great start to the evening and went perfectly with my glass of Pinot.

I also chose to try something a little different which was the Taro bat. Not having has taro before I must say it is a texture and flavour of its own. With it's overpowering flavour of starch and not much more, this kind of like potato texture comes through it's golden crisp coating, filled with minced chicken on the inside. It was a dish that left you wondering and trying to dignify what you were eating. Unfortunately this may be the first and last time I try Taro, but at least I can say I have tried it.

Main course was headed our way and I selected the house special "One Elevens Curry" a combination of red curry with succulent king prawns infused with lime and coconut and served in it's own coconut shell. Who wouldn't get excited about this dish and who else have you seen put a curry in the coconut shell??? In one word to describe AMAZING! In more words this red curry had a fantastic balance of flavours, filled with authentic Thai spices and the essence of lime which cut through making it enjoyable and diving in for more. Each bite took you on a journey to Thailand. The prawns were cooked to perfection and were fresh and juicy it was great to see that they gave you a large portion of prawns inside the coconut. I must say that this dish has been successful in reaching my top 5 in curries and can not stress this enough to you that you have to go and try it. Unfortunately this one is not available on there take away menu, so you are going to have to go and enjoy a night out in the restaurant for this one.

Now I just have to bring up the Roti bread with satay sauce. Another weakness of mine is Satay, there is something about this sauce that makes me weak at the knees. And I have to say this was mouth watering. Not like your Chinese satay, this smooth creamy sauce was perfectly combined and left me wanting to lick the bowl.

Slightly disappointed that no desserts were available or offered, as both my friend and I would have dived into that option, but who's to say you really need it. With a great entree and a perfect main I felt satisfied and didn't want to over indulge.

The service through out was attentive, but at times a little dominant than expected. Meals were quick and our waters always topped up. This quaint corner restaurant could be under appreciated for what it has to offer. So if you are local or even if you are on the out skirts of the area come on down and give them a go.

In the end I am glad I got confused as I found out once I got home, that I went to the wrong restaurant, falling a block short of my initial destination. Because if I hadn't I wouldn't have been able to take such delight in trying One Eleven Bluff.

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