Tuesday, 12 July 2011


I have to say that I think I made a mistake in my life by drinking coffee at the age of 14. From the moment I stepped foot into my first job at Mrs. Fields Bakehouse I drank my first cup of coffee and became addicted. 

I was always told that you should try everything you sell, and trust me I did - coffee, cookies, muffins & brownies. The only thing is that as you grow older and stress becomes more than having to complete your maths homework we rely more on our daily intake of coffee, or caffeine based drinks such as coke, energy drinks and tea.

I was never one to take up cigarettes or any other substance that distract you from the daily grind of adult hood, but it is the simple intake of caffeine that gets me through my day. Now drinking up to 5 cups per day, I discovered that when missing my initial cup of joe by 8am the struggle with migraines, eye aches, no concentration and more are more than painful. With Panadol, dark rooms or any other remedy usually used for headaches not helping,  I found just simply drinking a  quick coffee and in minutes you gain a clear head once again and your back in motion to continue your day like nothing happened, My world is no longer coming to an end. Concerning??? I think so. 

What I find interesting that millions of people drink caffeine and get addicted to it, but what is more interesting is that we as humans drink it but caffeine itself is a natural pesticide that will kill or paralyse certain insects feeding on plants. 

For human consumption we can find it more in medications including headache relief tablets as studies have shown that our bodies absorb it quicker in our blood streams and the effects of caffeine can reduce a lot of pain relief. Who would have thought that Caffeine is now classified as a DRUG???

Globally we consume 120,000 tonnes per annum - not sure on the measurements of tonnes? then think about this 120,000,000 kilo's of caffeine. This is certainly somewhere you may wish to consider investing in. Considering that Coffee is such a high selling product, chocolate, soft drinks, energy drinks and tea all contain this drug also.

So when I think about it children are now more highly at risk now to become addicted to it than ever before. But why do we not worry about it like we do with Smoking or Drinking? Is it because it shows no extreme damage apart from mere addiction? 

As much as packets list whether caffeine is contained are parents worried that they are getting there children addicted to caffeine? No wonder children are so uncontrolable these days with tantrums, fatigue and hyperactiveness, and no wonder parents ignore them whilst drinking there own cup of coffee to reduce there own pain. It's a cruel and vicious circle.

Having myself realise that these headaches made from missing my morning coffee, are clear signs for myself to find other healthier sources to get through my day. 1 or 2 coffees should suffice and nothing more. 

So words of advice from a high caffeine consumer, reduce it slowly and don't become reliant and suffer with the torturous caffeine headaches. And if it's on tap whilst you are working, remember that water is also available and is better for you too.

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