Monday, 18 July 2011

Adzuki & Kumera

There is no better way to enjoy a peckish late afternoon than to have some dips and bread or dips and chips. The usual antipasto platters also do wonders to the soul when you don't require anything heavy and just want to enjoy grazing with delightful treats.

I stumbled across an unusual dip of which you do not find in coles or safeway but is available in Thomas Dux, which was an Adzuki & Kumera dip. Not knowing what it is and always bold to try new things I figure what the hey lets roll with it and be adventurous. 

Surprisingly this dip is truly unexplainable, but is a must try for those who are wanting the same adventure for their taste buds. This dip is semi sweet but has this earthly complexity to it but overall has subtle flavours that makes you dive in for more. Not like a standard dip such as roasted capsicum, avocado or your basil and Cashew, this Vegan, Dairy and Gluten Free dip stands on it's own but leaves you speechless to describe. Asking Paul (My Hubby) what he thought, he too could not put words together to explain it's identity of flavour.

So what exactly is it you ask? Good question. I originally had no idea and even when reading the ingredients it left me questioning what makes this dip so unusual and something new to try. Containing Adzuki bean, Roasted Kumera, Sesame seed paste and spices I still wondered what Adzuki beans and Kumera was and the answers are:

ADZUKI: Small dried beans that have a sweet flavour. Popular in Chinese and Japanese cooking and is mostly used in desserts, cakes and confectionery based from a paste called 'Yokan'.

KUMERA:  Would you believe me if I just told you Sweet potato? Well it is. Sweet potato has 2 different varieties, there is the white sweet potato that has a light brown skin and a dry white flesh and then you have a red sweet potato. The red sweet potato is known by it's Maori name of KUMERA, it is orange brown skinned and has a much sweeter bright and moist flesh. Both varieties are suited for your usual roasted potatoes, pies and soups but the Kumera is popular for steaming, mashing or used in sweeter dishes like jams, cakes desserts and puddings.

Does this mean I ate a dessert dip with my corn chips?

This dip has it's own individuality and is clearly one that most people would not risk if they didn't know what it was. But here I am readers telling you to get out there, try something new. Take a risk and let your taste buds take you on a new adventure from the norm. 

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