Monday, 25 July 2011

Smile once in a while

What has happened to the world today that has made the world so bitter? Working in Customer Service, it is becoming more and more obvious that people today have eaten too many lemons and made themselves bitter.

Is it the Economy, The stress of the amount of debt we are in or the Lose of interest to be nice to one another. What happened to get to know thy neighbour...... will yours lend you a cup of sugar?

For all those who work in Customer service you will truly agree that 1 in 10 people are polite and say thank you, the rest will complain about something petty just knowing that they can and we have to continue to be nice to them. The days of the Customer is always right no longer exists and is tiresome for us to stand there and listen to them harp on about something you can not fix or know they are wrong.

I will always continue to smile and siye on the inside when someone tells me that the prices are too high, someones reading the paper I want to read and complain there table is dirty even though they chose to sit on the only dirty table in my store, as it is job to do so. But do you not have a heart?

People come home after work and say I had a bad day, but trust me when Hospitality people say the same thing, it's more like the war found them.

My husband Paul tells me about his day and how crisis after crisis can happen but yet he still stands there gets through it and moves on with it. For example He works in a function department 3 functions change there delivery times, a heavy duty earn doesn't switch off and leeks water all over the kitchen floor and I'm talking buckets, phones are ringing while he juggles the earn leek and organising staff, spills boiling water over himself and this is all in a matter of minutes - NOT in a 8 hour shift. An amazing effort just to get through that, I think so.

Each of us can compare war stories about hospitality and laugh about it, because that's all you can do really and we hide it away from the customers because service for us needs to continue smoothly. But have some decency to understand it is not a simple job.

As service representatives we find ways to jump our obstacles to make our customers happy, because at the end of the day that's what we are here to do. But a kind Thank you or a smile can make our day complete.

So come on everyone, SMILE it takes less energy to do so and best of all if you smile at someone most of the time they will smile back at you.

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