Sunday, 25 September 2011

Another bite of the Cherry

Double Chocolate Brownies
The Royal Melbourne show has come around for 2011 and must say the weather is showing to be nicer this year, although my journey to the show was still very chilling it did not show rain. Unfortunately it was a slight disappointment not to have placed in this years competitions, the amount of work people have put into their entries are amazing.

My entries of Mocha caramel pecan and double chocolate brownies are nothing compared to the amazing cake designs that have arisen for 2011. From wedding cakes to name cakes, this years number one cake would have to be a Christmas Novelty cake which is a section from the 12 days of Christmas. This cake blew me away with their air brushing techniques and detail they put into the layout. Not only that but you would not believe that it was NOVICE.

Christmas Cake NOVICE
I have to admit that I myself can not do something like this, unless I was on holiday and had been taking courses for years. I do believe that my patience would get the better of me, giving the reason why I stick to the fudge and various sections.

What disappoints me however is the way the judging is done. As an entry I am unsure on the exacts of what the judges themselves are basing it from. Is it taste, texture, look, personal attraction??? We as people who enter are nun the wiser if they have met there criteria of there chosen category nor are they aware on why the winner was chosen. I do love the excitement of entering and using my hobby to test challenge myself but I would also like to know how they are chosen.

Mocha caramel Pecan Fudge
I could not believe my eyes when I was handing in my 2 entries, when a lady was walking through the doors with a bread create full of items. But this wasn't all she had...... there was another 2 creates still in her car. I thought I was bad to find time to make my 2 entries but to have 3 creates this lady surly LOVES to cook. It is truly amazing to see all these people take pride in there cooking, but to not know if we have done a good job can deflate you just slightly.

But there is still another year headed our way, so I am off to take another bit of the cherry, thinking of brand new ideas and researching recipes to do it all over again for 2012. It is rewarding to see your creations behind glass with everyone looking and pointing at them. Comments going left and right on which one they think is better.

Special Occasion Cake
If you haven't already been to the Melbourne show this year, GO, It is a great day out and plenty to see.

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