Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The Icing on the Cake

I have just finished celebrating my Birthday and begun my last year of my 20's and I have to say I have been wines and Dinned like no other. My Send off into this final year before hitting that big '30' that everyone dreads was pure MAGIC.

If something was to get me out of bed it would be dinning out for Breakfast. I'm not too sure what exactly it is about it, whether it be someone else cooking and cleaning for me, the nice latte and juice to go with my eggs, or the fact that PANCAKES are on the menu. 

Mexican Breakfast
So early to rise and Paul chooses to take me out for a delicious Breakfast at Malt Cafe. Lazed out in the morning sun and coffee on the way we read over the enchanting menu of delicious breakfast treats. Although Pancakes would be my usual prime choice of dining out for breakfast I chose to do something different for my Celebrations of a Mexican breakfast - house made baked beans, baked eggs, crispy pancetta and served with spinach tortillas.

Back home and having to get ready for my Lunch booking with my Mum at Ficelle Restaurant where you can enjoy a 2 course lunch on a Wednesday for $16.90 which is a complete STEAL. Now you probably say that at that price the food must be terrible or they are really desperate or even perhaps the size of the meals will be small. But you are wrong.

Lambs Brains
The menu is not only extensive but is premium in quality and taste. A 2 course meal was enjoyed with chicken spring rolls with a chilli ginger sauce and followed by Lambs brains with a mash potato and mustard ginger jus. Now although you say Lambs brains that's disgusting  and I do understand peoples thoughts on this but if you have someone who can cook it right they are magnificent. There are also plenty of other fantastic meals on offer such as Seafood Chowder, Soft homemade Gnocchi, Terrine and Thai Chicken Burger. They also do Dinner specials Monday to Wednesday, so Trust me when I say if you are looking for somewhere to go Mid week 'Go There'.

After rolling out the door from over indulging from Breakfast and Lunch I try and relax back at home before I head back out for a Chinese Banquet with family and friends. 
What a fantastic way to enjoy an assortment of Chinese dishes with the best group of people money couldn't buy. Only $38.00 at Gold Fish Restaurant we were  overwhelmed with about 10- 12 delicious dishes. All perfectly cooked and presented with the waiter's being friendly and attentive. Their is nothing better than enjoying a banquet of Chicken and Corn Soup, Beef & black bean steak, San chow bow and inclusive of the BEST Deep fried Ice- Cream I've ever had. Together with the Banquet and a table of friends and family it was the highlight of my day.

Friends & family for a Chinese Banquet

Out of the 29 Birthdays I've had it is one of my top 10 Birthdays I've had. Being spoilt alive with being dined out and the array of Birthday wishes and gifts from everyone around me. I could not have asked for anything better to start my final year of my 20's.  

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