Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Put a Spring in your step

Good bye Winter hello spring, farewell extra kilo's g'day to preparation for summer gear, so long delicious hearty rich dishes and greetings to lighter brighter food.

Winter is fading away for another year and it's time we embrace the beginning of fresh veggies that are pushing their way up through the soil, and the beginning of sweet fruits that remind you of being in the tropics. Spring has got to be my favourite season, with strawberries, zucchini, sweetcorn and asparagus coming back into true season I know their is going to be a lot more cooking headed my way.

Now I know you may be thinking, I've had these fruits and vegetables through out Winter, but you will find them at excruciating prices and not the same top quality you would have in it's true season.

Take an apple for example, they are a summer to autumn fruit. Sweet and juicy apples that crunch at first bite, but if you have one now or during winter there is a distinct difference of a floury flavour and less crunch.

My personal opinion is to eat veggies and fruits when they are supposed to be eaten so that you can enjoy it's true natural flavours and not eat something that tastes average and disappointing.

Dishes are becoming much brighter by Spring, which should begin to brighten everyones day. I always find that Winter draws depression amongst people, and whether they are having a bad day or not they always have something to complain about. People become sour and rude in the cold months but come sunshine, and it's a totally different story. There are smiles, polite conversations and happiness.

So what can you begin creating in your kitchens, or look forward to eating in restaurants? Well how about some Truffle coated asparagus, Beetroot risotto with Gorgonzola, Spiced crusted chicken with an orange ginger Beurre Blanc or something as simple as a Frittata.

For the sweet tooth's What about a Tangerine Chiffon Cake, Meringue cupcakes with raspberry curd or maybe Vanilla bean and salted caramel semi fredo.

Now after that I've just made myself rather hungry..... Sorry if I've done it too you. But that's what I'm hear for right????? To make you all crave delicious goodness.

I have put a link below for you all to keep tabs on your favourite fruits, veggies and seeds so you know when their truly in season and most delicious. You will notice the difference when following the guide and if you're happy to go organic then do so.

Fruit and Vegetable Season Chart

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