Friday, 31 August 2012

Lil' boy blue blow your horn, it's time to wake them

Little boy blue come blow your horn,
The sheep's in the meadow the cow's in the corn.
But where's the boy who looks after the sheep?
He's under the haystack fast asleep.
Will you wake him? No, not I - for if I do, he's sure to cry.

So the rhyme may go, I have to say that Little Boy Blue better start blowing his horn and wake you all up and show you his new establishment. It's not in a meadow and not in the corn, but in Kew.

It's stylish and relaxed interior is open for both young and old and with welcoming vibrant staff it's a venue that any breakfast lover would embrace. So vibrant and energetic it's surly going to make the beginning of your day a fun and happy one. Open for lunch and dinner as well they showcase casual dining, fresh cakes at the counter that catch your eye and an open kitchen down the brick walkway, it may seem simple but it's truly uplifting.

A packed house for a Saturday morning for a latish breakfast (10am) we were able to grab a table down the back on the high wooden benches laid out with rich blue water glasses and simplistic thistle arrangements. Quirky theatrical art work on the bathroom doors and stylish hanging lights, you can only but smile and enjoy the comfort of Lil boy blue. 

So what was it that made this place COME HERE for breakfast against the others? Well it's simple really, it's different. You can go anywhere for bacon and eggs, or smashed avocado on toast or even pancakes. But Lil boy blue has bought us something new, something that I have not yet come across anywhere else and they so it in style.

Let's start with the Brioche bun. This wrapped soft bun, similar to an American bun was filled with pulled pork shoulder, spinach, pickles and truffle pecorino this was pretty tasty. The bun was not over sweet like some brioches could be and lovingly for me it did not fall apart when you bit into it. Delicate flavours makes for an enjoyable breakfast that isn't too heavy but still filling. 

How about Soft Shell tacos for breakfast?? I'm sorry Taco's...... 1. Isn't that Mexican and 2. Since when do you have Taco's for breakfast? Well guess what, Now is the day we should all start having soft shell taco's for breakfast.

These soft shell taco's are filled with fried eggs, serrano de Trevelez ham, goats cheese and a delicate chilli tomato relish. These little delights were delicious and were tempted to order another serve they were that good. With gooey yolk bursting out at first bite with a slight kick of pice and creaminess from the goats cheese they were superb and can see the becoming addictive. Ordering a side serve for sharing of mushrooms, bacon and house made beans it made for a very hearty and satisfying breakfast. 

I'd be interested in going for their lunch offerings too and it looks just as exciting as their breakfasts, and their desserts Oh my just reading the menu my mouth waters with temptations.

I am glad to see that they are offering something new as I am beginning to get tired of new venues shadowing the established venues, as they aren't providing us with new flavours or educating us in what our industry is show casing. They are going to give their competitors a run for their money thats for sure.

Even though Kew is at least a 45 minute drive for me, it's well worth the travel to unwind with such delicious gems and great coffee too. If anyone can prove to me that they aren't the only people creating new exciting breakfasts like this then maybe I'll consider retracting my comments. But until then, these guy's in my eyes are onto something great and with only opening their doors just recently, this new and exciting venue has truly caught our attention.

Lil Boy Blue Kitchen & Bar
309 High street,
9853 5003

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