Wednesday, 12 September 2012

29 going on 30

Well it happened, I farewelled the ages of my 20's and have begun to embrace the 30's. Who thought that life could flash before your eyes. I've had 30 birthdays to date and each of them have included something that no one could live without and that's food.

I read a quote a short time ago which said "One of the nicest things about life is the way we regularly stop whatever it is we are doing, and devote our attention to food." With this quote I found it only fitting to make my friends and family put a pause in their busy lives and join me in the celebrations of a 30th Food Party.

Creating a festival of delicious goodness wasn't without a lot of time spent, but was completely worth every moment. Hand threaded popcorn strings like back in the day of kinda was hours upon hours in front of the TV. Although I must admit that first packet didn't make as longer sting as anticipated when I alternated the threading to the eating. It was to be a time warp of those days of old, full of bright colours and food that you fantasised about back when you were younger.

My evening was laid out with streamers, Cinema candy bar men, large ice creams and ice cream sundaes, lickable wall paper, lolly buffets with Mr Whippi lolly trucks, tiny teddy racing cars, pinata cookies, toffees and jellies. A clear warning to those who came to have pre booked their dentist appointments prior to coming.

Of course lollies weren't the only attire for the feast. A service of canap├ęs to set off the evening followed by a buffet of carveries, lasagne, baked potatoes and salads. It was sure to fill those empty spaces in my guests stomachs and with the weather we were experiencing it was a perfect meal for the festivities. I have to commend 'Finger foods' for catering my Birthday, it certainly made for a pleasurable relaxing evening having the time spending it with my family and friends instead of having to serve through the evening. It was a night off for all who normally put in that hard yard for once and to enjoy it.

I'm pleased that the festival of food was filled with such amazing food let alone tons of it. It could have become troublesome if everyone got hungry, as those who donned the attire of food themselves, other guests could have become delusional and end up eating them mistaking them for the actual food itself. But great-fully this did not occur. Everyone made if safely with no bite marks.

A towering birthday tier of a Giant red velvet cupcake finished with a marshmallow frosting and hand painted sugar flowers made by myself and assisted by my mum with  layers of mini cupcakes from Cupcake Central. A hit with everyone as the devoured the flavours of Peanut butter and jelly, Mango Sago, Raspberry white chocolate, Citrus burst and Cookie dough.. Each extraordinary and addictive.

Costumes were worn with pride with my best friend and husband as peas in the pod displaying their yet to be born bub, my sister a bag of skittles showing the colours of the rainbow, mum as the meat between the sandwich, my aunt as  a fruit bowl, School friend and husband Licorice all sorts and Work friend and partner sushi rolls. My Grandpa clever to come with a lanyard around his neck and a pouch displaying 2 x $2.00 coins and 1 x 20c piece....... Now you have to get your thinking caps on but once I tell you will laugh and realise how clever it is. No it's not a vending machine, and no he wasn't a tip , but as you looked at his coins and added them together you simply got a 4 and 20. That's right, a 4 and twenty pie! Brilliantly thought of and one to make you think and smile when you realised.

I myself as most people have either heard, seen or can see from these photos was the Green M&M, mini or normal take your pick. Originally I was going to be a taco back in the early days of planning, for the humour and the fact that Mexican is one of my top 3 cuisines, but after thinking I chose against it and went with the M&M idea.

When I was younger and still to this day my sister used to call me M&M. With Em of course being my nickname and M being the beginning of my maiden name it was only fitting that the chocolate treat that melted in your mouth and not in your hand was the perfect and fun outfit. Plus you could pick me out in the crowed being so vibrant.

The evening couldn't have been better, and turning 30 couldn't have been any funner. I'm not sure why when people turn 30, stress out and ponder life. You can't ignore the fact that it's going to happen, no one has yet found the solution to turn back time as much as Cher hoped for, nor can we stop time. It's going to happen and by embracing the new beginning of a new stage of life you start it more positive rather than a mess. You have to have fun with it and get others to join you in the celebrations. 

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