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Fun in the Bun

Burgers have begun to be a vast growing craze through Melbourne. The famous 2 all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun will linger on in our minds whilst we crave a fresh burger full of juicy flavours. But it is not the infamous food chains I am wanting to recognise, it's the places who stand alone and present us with unique combinations like no other.

The Bottom End tucks away just a hop skip and a jump from Southern cross station on Little Collins. This dim lite pub is not to scare you with it's large flickering candles at the entrance or the darkness of which you sit, but sets a great mood for some amazing grub. Booth and table seating which extends across 2 rooms, leaves for a great catch up for after work bevies, or for you late night party goers on Friday and Saturday nights, perhaps a late night/ morning snack with it's doors being open til 1am on Fridays and 4 am on Saturdays.

I was bought to The Bottom End for a Burger Degustation organised through Agenda City (, one of Melbourne growing daily email magazines, where they introduce the outstanding, vast growing establishments which they have sourced and tested for us. 

Who couldn't refuse though a Burger Degustation........ I don't think their would be too many hands raised if I was to ask round.

The Bottom end has recently been voted the Best New Hotel at the Bartender Awards, and rightfully so. This quirky stand alone menu of Cocktail's and Burgers should be more recognised for us Melbournians. It's full of great flavours and even better names to match, ones to make you smile whilst ordering it, or saying it proudly knowing your going to get the best damn cocktail ever.

So let us begin in a journey of scrumptious mouth watering burgers and matching cocktails.

To begin we start with the enchanting martini glass with "A Fucking Marvellous". Raspberry Vodka, Creme de Mure, Berry puree and Lemon juice. I must say this was a great kick off to our evening. Berrylicious flavours, smooth and nourishing. The hint of essence from the fresh mint leaf left for a pretty marvellous cocktail and would be the favourite of the evening.

This cocktail highlighted the Bingle Burger. A potato chip crumbed chicken pattie, red eye mayo and shredded lettuce.  This tender juicy chicken patty was prefect with it's golden crumbed coating crispy and delicious. The red eye mayo is not what you first believe it would be. I thought, chilli that would give this massive intensity but this is incorrect. Their is no real heat at all just creamy goodness.  Coming from the south and similar to their Red eye Gravy this mayo was smooth and added kicks of sherry vinegar, coffee and  a mild chilli sauce. This burger may seem simple, but their is something that really  connects to you while you devour bite after bite. Is it the golden crispy coating or the fact that the chicken is so juicy and falls apart, or is it the bun that holds it together?

Second round and we are presented with "A single Mother" a tremendous blend of Southern Comfort, Red wine, Ginger beer, Orange and nutmeg. Similar to the Spanish Sangria but has kicks of spices shining through. The touch of ginger beer is what won me over. I can see myself sitting on the back porch with a pitcher of this.

Together with a Classic Cheesy Bacon burger which had layers of Grilled beef pattie, Gruyere and Monterey Jack cheese, Bacon, Pickle, Tomato, lettuce and fry sauce just oozes delicious within itself.  This smokey grilled flavours enhanced the cheesy goodness. The fry sauce of a combination of tomato sauce and mayo finished off this burger perfectly. A hit with the crowd, and a combination of 2 meats and two cheeses is destined to be the perfect burger.

Third round and headed for the half way mark was a can of tomatoes...... actually no I lie. A "Signature Bloody Mary" served over ice in a can with all the trimmings. I am not to fond of the Bloody Mary, and the Bottom End's concoction truly embraced that kick of spice in it. If you are a Bloody Mary fan then you will enjoy one of their alternate choices from a Bloody Caesar (Vodka & Clamato), Bloody South East Asian (Vodka & Tom Yum), Bloody Mexican (Tequila & Chipotle) or a Bloody Beefy (Bourbon & BBQ Sauce).

The Plato's Burger  of spiced Lamb pattie, Taramasalata, Saganaki, Lettuce, Tomato, Tzatziki and cucumber was a towering all Greek inspired bun of joy. Fresh flavours combined with tender juicy lamb was delicious and the hint of taramasalata (fish roe from cod or carp) highlighted the true Greek style and of course the saganaki added the salty cheese goodness that it required.

A pot of Kirin Beer refreshed our palates for the fourth burger, although our stomachs are beginning to balloon out after eating 3 burgers already. But deep breaths and a slight stand up to shake all that food down we embrace the recently featured in 'the Age' burger. The Famous Mitsubishi burger. No we are not eating a car, but it is a Japanese inspired delight. I have never had anything like this before and hopefully this will remain to be only available here at the Bottom End.

A Katsu chicken pattie, Wakame and Wabasbi Mayo was rather enjoyable. I'm not too sure what the Katsu crust was but looking through some things, I could only suggest that perhaps it was a rice crust, but none the less it was once again a golden crisp coating of a tender chicken pattie, topped with cured seaweed and creamy Japanese mayo. A unique flavour within itself and truly like no other I have tasted. Now you may think it strange that seaweed lies beneath 2 soft buns and on top of a chicken pattie, but it works. You truly can't knock it until you try it, and if you are a fan of the Japanese flavours then give it a whirl.

To finish the evening we head for the last and final burger accompanied by a shot of heart warming Rye Whiskey. The Williamsburger of tender grilled Wagyu beef pattie, Double yellow cheese, pickle, lettuce, ketchup and mustard. Yes you are thinking the right thing, is this the well respected similarity to a Big Mac? Well the smells surly do take you bake to that burger we have all had but I must admit, the freshness of this burger does taste so much different than the food chains. The wagyu beef brings out so much more tender meaty flavours and made for a fantastic finisher to the evening.

This was a fantastic night to try their inspiring American menu, of which still continue to have more delicious treats that have not yet been ventured. So it is without question that I will be back to get my hands on things like the Mexico City Cheese Burger or the Chicken Five -o or even just some good old Buffalo wings.

The Bottom end stays true to the American cuisine and brings as some bold and tasty flavours. the atmosphere is superb and sets a great Pub Diner feel with it's eclectic style.

It leaves for a great social gathering, with booze, burgers and music I don't think I could think of any other way to enjoy those evenings out with friends.

The Bottom End
579 Little Collins Street
9629 3001

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