Friday, 30 November 2012

Dial 000

000 what's your Emergency? 
I ate to much pizza and I think I'm about to explode!

Word has spread around Melbourne rather quickly about a place that serves divine thin crust pizza with fresh and delicious toppings. In fact it was said to be a must have pizza! To good for my ears to be hearing such things, I must find this place 

Firechief Pizzeria is celebrating their first birthday and what a great opportunity to seize this moment and get my own taste. 

With high ceilings and simple yet perfect outlay had a fantastic family, friendly feel. As the walk way takes you to the top of their dining area the enchanting chandelier hangs low setting a somewhat rustic feel. Tables overflowed with diners gorging in pizza and pasta and having a great time.

An evening with friends and the beginning to the weekend the unwind began with a cocktail in hand. A fresh and berrylicious Little red ridding hood - strawberry liquor, blackcurrant and vodka was a delightful relaxant.

Scanning the menu I am blown away with the ever so large options of pizza. Just reading the menu my tummy grumbles for food and my mouth waters, my mind is so confused on what to order....... Can't I just order them all? 

Alas this would mean the emergency services would need to come to my rescue if I ate the entire menu, so a decision had to be made, but it was a definite tuff one.

On special this week we had the Celebrational pizza "the Brew Smith" designed by followers of Firecheif through social media as an entry into a pizza topping competition. The "Brew Smith" made by Brew Smith - home made brews enchanted Firechiefs taste buds with a Gorgonzola, Chicken, Roasted Artichoke and shallots. A gourmet master piece at that.

We start with a traditional Garlic and cheese pizza, cause you can't not have one when you're out eating at pizza restaurants. It's just the thing to do. Thin crust doused in garlic and finished with olive oil and fior di latte cheese, this pizza was enriched with the essence of everything that was needed. Garlic burst in each bite, it's everything that you would expect.  Now I know you are saying, well it's a garlic and cheese pizza. But I have to say this it was pretty damn good.

This evening 3 choices were made, the Friarielli, Prawn & Pancetta and the Meaty. It was a pizza each, but an arrange slice for slice trade off.

First let's start with the Friarielli. Luscious fior di latte, pork, rape`, parmigiana, fresh basil and finished with chilli and olive oil. Now if you mouth is watering now their is something wrong with you. This was the first thing that caught my eye but not my final choice, but am glad it was decided to be ordered. 

The delicate flavours of the fior di late was a fine choice of cheese for this pizza, it's creaminess matched perfectly with the pork which hasn't got a strong flavour itself. Fresh basil and chilli enhanced the rape`, where I have found that the rape` has a quiet strong bitter flavour, on this pizza it doesn't over power or take you away from that pork flavour.  

The Meaty was enriched with ground beef, salami, bacon, red onion & jalapenos on a crushed tomato base with mozzarella. An extraordinary combination of rich meats nestle on the tomato base pizza, and the smell is Divine. While you eat you are met with salty goodness while fresh meat juices soak into the base and small amounts run down your fingers. Leaves for even more tastiness as you like your fingers after. It was great to see nothing but fresh meats to grab those strong flavours.

Now hopefully you are reading this now and am tantalising you bit by bit and that you have started your cravings for pizza, because the next will do nothing but make you put your shoes on, jump in your cars and drive distances to grab a pizza.
Here it comes.........
The Prawn and Pancetta was my choice of indulgence tonight. A base of fior di latt topped with garlic marinated prawns matched with crisp pancetta and finished with mojo dressing and fresh roquette leaves.

Is it wrong that I say OMG? 

Heaven sent flavours is all that I can say, and the best pizza I have possibly ever had or can remember. On the table it was voted the best of the 3 and was glad it was all mine, well apart from my trade off slices. 

The mild cheese base captures the crushed garlic flavours from the perfectly cooked juicy prawns. Crisp pancetta draped over the pizza adds the perfect amount of salt which only enhances the flavours. Although not a true fan of the peppery leaf of roquette it went down a treat and may have found a new love. Advised to spread the roquette across the pizza it brought a depth of flavour to each bite.  The mojo dressing is a great additive to finish off this dish. A touch of citrus and what I have researched could have been lime, added with garlic, oil and I want to say parsley as it had a green tint but wasn't an over powering flavour such as basil but I could be wrong. Yum yum yum is all I can say.

Although I burst at the seams, filled with such delicious pizza I had to top my night with dessert.

I figure I'm eating Italian, may as well stick to it an go for their Firecheif Tiramisu. A modern spin on the original with layer upon layer of coffee jelly, genois sponge, kahlua, vanilla bean custard, creamed ricotta and finished with toasted almonds.

Now you need to grab your spoon dig all the way down and catch each layer on the way up. Perfection of flavours not to be eaten by single layers, you have to grab all flavours together. The finish of almonds was beautiful and tasty. Unfortunately I was going to explode so I had to say goodbye to my dessert as the rest of the table devoured it. It is not to be wasted.

The Flourless chocolate and hazelnut torta is another fine choice to finish a meal. Rich but light torta finished with a cornell marscapone cream was delicious. Although only getting a mouthful to try it was very scrumptious and a great dessert for those chocolate lovers.

If you were to full but know you want dessert but don't want explode with all this good eating then perhaps just finish off your evening with a tiny sweet treat of their Conolli. Filled with mixed berry cream and crushed pistachios it's a perfect treat for you. It's a perfect 2 bite dessert and won't add to much to your waist line either.

An amazing evening, chilled casual atmosphere and has everything that you would expect from a busy Pizzaria. Firecheif has established the perfect MUST HAVE pizza and to believe they have only been open for a year is astronomical. 

Most establishments have to develop such great combinations over time, but here they have clearly worked hard to deliver such perfection in a pizza.

You need to check Firecheif out. Even if you want to get take away, you have to get there.

If you are wondering, no emergency services were called to my rescue, however I was grateful their entrance was a ramp as it made it easier to walk down hill on the way out cause I could hardly move with eating so much food. 

I am sitting here writing this with a somewhat food hangover you could say, but is it wrong that I want pizza for breakfast too?

169 Camberwell Rd,
Hawthorn East
9831 1700

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