Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Be a good girl & eat your Vegies

Brunswick is vastly becoming a trend setting development of eateries. This area is surly adapting to the needs of Vegans & Vegetarians, and although I myself are not one, it does not mean I can't eat like one on the occasional basis.

I don't often picture myself looking for a Vegetarian restaurants but with Vegan friends in tow, there was only one thing to do. Have them take the lead and show me the best eateries that Vegans and Vegetarians desire.

The Vegie Bar in Brunswick sits on a busy corner in the heart of Brunswick street. Simple brick walls filled with communal tables and individual tables that were all full of eaters a like.

As we enter there is a fantastic vibe as people dine, a great friendly feel to the restaurant. Greeted and although placed on a waiting list we are told to start with drinks out in their back court yard. The back open courtyard connects to another bar, where people can wait for their tables or just chill and unwind.

The turn over of tables were fairly quick, which was great because i was seriously hungry and was actually really excited to enjoy some lentils and vege. I'm not too sure what it is about lentils and vegetables, although I eat meat sometimes I just crave fresh vegies or so great lentil dishes. They can really be better than people make them out to be.

Starting with mushrooms filled with tofu, were buttons of goodness. Crisp crumb coating capturing the delicious mushroom flavours were very enjoyable. served with what looked to be a house made chutney, with large chunks of veg or fruit added a slight sweetness.

Circulating the table we also in counted the Gyoza and the special pyro pizza. They gyoza was said to be tasty and full of vegies and enjoyable for a light starter. The pizza well I was lucky to grab a bite of which would blow anyone socks off, or put hairs on your chest. It was fire hot encased with chilli's and peppers. Great bold flavours and if game, is very tasty.

For our mains I had asked readers what was the dish to have her at Vegie bar and I was told to go for the Burrito. This large stuffed tortilla was chock a block of rice, beans and glorious mexican spices. No air pocket or empty pace in this baby, it was jam packed. Accompanied with some fresh guacamole and sour cream with crisp corn chips. A meal fit for a king, or 1 very hungry being. Easily a share dish over lunch, I had to palm at least a 1/4 of mine as I was reaching fullness, but wanted dessert.

Others chose for the Tacos. Burger and pizza. The tacos looked interesting and so fresh filled with scrumptious raw vege. Vibrant colours and a great healthy treat. Perfect on those hot nights that are coming our way.

A towering burger stands bigger than a Big Mac. I challenge someone to fit it in their mouth in one go because on our table it was the knife and fork that saved the day. Filled with nutritional ingredients, although a little disappointment was had with an over flow of salad which shadowed over the actual burger.

Dessert of house made cakes from their display was a great finish to the evening. A choice from Sticky Date, Cheese cake, Flowerless chocolate cake and Chocolate royal which was vegan friendly.

Vegie Bar has been developed over 20 years and is more than focused on providing healthy nutritional foods. They have established a wide array of full flavoured options working with just the simplest of things 'Vegetables and Grains'.

If you're not the biggest fan of eating healthy or getting into your vegies, grains etc I'd still say test it out. To be honest you can't tell what is vegan and although everything vegetarian but you couldn't notice.

I didn't miss my side of meat and really I felt outstanding after I finished. I was satisfied, although a slight food baby. Maybe I shouldn't have had that sticky date pudding. Naughty naughty.

Unless you're out there to pin point that their is no meat as a choice, then you have nothing to worry about.

It's a great casual place for some hearty food, chat with friends and an additive towards a healthy diet.

Vegie Bar
380 Brunswick Street
9417 6935

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