Sunday, 11 November 2012

With such Delicadeza

Melbourne is continuing to grow in it's diverse culture of food, and opportunities to try new flavours and seeing Chefs develop amazing cuisines to impress us is just on the rise up. To compete in this trade is hard as those who are amongst it would know, but when Chefs stay true to the produce and respect the individual flavours and match it perfectly with something else it's a true marriage.

Today was the day to be in the city, with Adriano Zumbo making his way to Federation Square promoting his book and selling his tantalising Zumbarons. His remarkable inventions of flavours are ones that I have admired as they are unique to their own and I find most often people are to scared to play with or sometimes even worse try.

An inspiration to the development of the food world and never scared to attempt new adventurous flavours, combining them and making something so divine. Tantalising our taste buds with his Zumbarons today was just the sweet temptation anyone would want on a Sunny Sunday.

Sweet combinations of: Salted Butter Popcorn, Peach Iced Tea, Passionfruit Tonka, Blackened Vanilla,  Salted Butter Caramel, P B & J, Maple Syrup Pancake and Raspberry Shortbread are what was bringing the Melbournians pleasure today.  Although not able to test out the Raspberry Shortbread the rest are slowly making their way to my taste buds, indulging and grasping each flavour as it takes me on an outstanding journey of flavours.

All I can say is that when you finally have the chance to meet someone who has inspired you, you can't wipe that smile off your face.

On a high on just an amazing Sunday morning but nearing to lunch it was an opportunity to finally make our way to Movida for some fine Spanish Tapas. A quaint modern tapas restaurants down the ever so colourful and artistic Hosier Lane. Structured in traditional Spanish flavours and tapas dishes, it was truly perfect for a lunch time treat.

Our waiter was friendly and attentive through out, with tables filling quickly into the afternoon. Helpful in suggestions and also surprising me with a dish as I couldn't decide didn't fail and shows that this team really know the dishes and if you're ever unsure, revert to your waiter for assistance.

Starting our lunch with some of their individual tapas dishes I was intrigued to go with there signature dish of the Anchoa: Hand filleted anchovy served with smoked tomato sorbet on a thin crouton. Not a fan in general of this ever so salty fish, but gave it a shot. I must say that if someone was to introduce me to the anchovies for the first time, this is how they should do it. Incredible balance of flavours, delicate and tantalising. The sorbet itself just took away the saltiness of the anchovy and made it for a rather pleasurable dish.

My dish that I was surprised with from our waiter was the Caballa Ahumado: Cold smoked Spanish mackerel with a pine nut gazpacho sorbet. Presented to the table and the lid of this pot was removed enchanting us with smoked flavours which you can only breath in capturing hidden essences of the dish. Through out the time spent here you could smell this smoke from surrounding tables and it only continues to make your mouth water as you inhale. Very delicate in flavours this dish hit the spot and was greatful it was chosen for me.

Something that was truly tantalising and took me on a complete different journey was the most amazing Croquetas de Choco en su Tinta: Squid ink croquette with cuttlefish. Wow is how I can truly sum this little gem up really. Such delicate croquette hold a golden crunch and filled with such silky ink and accompanied by tender cuttlefish, is truly a delicacy and I was blown away.

Expanding our adventurous minds we move towards the larger sharing dishes of the Esparragos: white asparagus with 63c egg, almond and bread crumb. Subtle fresh flavours are richened by the 63c egg.

The Cecina: Air dried Wagyu served with a poached egg and truffle foam was powerful and a must have. Being a fan of both wagyu and truffles this dish was everything I hoped for. Melt in your mouth slices of wagyu were matched with the strong essence of truffle and yet calmed down with the egg. Truly a marriage of flavours that leave your taste buds singing for more as you wipe the plate with fresh bread.

With the Wagyu flavours the Bistec tartar de wagyu: Spicy steak tartare of wagyu beef could only but accompany the flavours of the Cecina. Served with crisp wafer thin croutons, this melt in your mouth spiced beef was a treasure. Unfortunate to currently have sore lips where the heat of the spices caused a little discomfort I refused to give in and ensured each mouthful was enjoyed. Delicate flavours once again I have to say and not over powering with the spices matching with such a tender beef.

Pate de Paro: Duck liver parfait with Pedro Ximenez foam was the last of our main dishes. Powerful flavours combined once again to make something so delicate and intreiging. The Foam was so light, even lighter than a marshmallow but similar textures and sweetness, but with the rich duck parfait beside it on the toasted brioche it was magnificent.

To finish our Sunday adventures of flavours we were only but tempted into trying  the Chocolate, Bread and olive oil sorbet as well as the St James Tart served with an Almond milk sorbet.

Both exquisit in flavours and for the first time I think in a long time I have been stumped with choosing a favourite.

The chocolate, bread was like a warm chocolate pudding almost served between crisp salted bread and silky olive oil sorbet. If you are an avid fan of the salty chocolate this will hit the spot perfectly.

The St. James Tart exploded with almond, and hints of citrus flavours and truly incredible. A renowned Spanish dessert that has been developed into  a fantastic fondant with creamy almond sorbet.

It truly was an incredible day today, full of fantastic flavour adventures and I can't wipe my smile off my face on how perfect it has all been. The only thing that would top off my day after a fantastic time at Movida & meeting an inspiration of mine, would be that these Zumbarons were a never ending supply. 

Wheres the Genie lamp when I need one?

Movida Bar de Tapas
1 Hosier Lane
9663 3038

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