Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Happy Chocolate Holiday!

Well it's that time of year where we overdose in chocolate goodness, engorge ourselves into a sugar coma and end up with stomach aches because all we have eaten are sweets.


A lot of people ask me what is the cross on the Hot Cross buns, and how does it get so white after it's been baked. Well I have finally looked into this very question, as I have not gone and made Hot Cross Buns yet, maybe I should cause I love them.

It's actually a lot simpler than you may think, and for those who have made them will be sitting here nodding their head. It's just simply a flour paste. That's right flour and water combined to a thick paste and piped on then baked once the glaze has been put over.

So do you like to tops or the bottoms?

I'm the bottom eater. I don't know why, I may as well just have a slice of fruit spiced toast really I eat the whole thing but the bottoms are always the first to go for me.

This year Melbourne's best Hot Cross Buns was awarded to 'Candied Bakery' located in Spotswood. I am unfortunate that I have not yet ventured to this Bakery yet as I have heard so many good things about them.

The Scoring of the Buns were done in sections. 
1. Appearance and Aroma
2. Balance of Components: spice balance
3. The Fruit: content measured and treated
4. Texture: density, richness, light or fluffy
5. Flavour

There is honestly nothing better than waking up over the Easter break, toasting a bun and melting luscious butter over the warm bread and enjoying it with a cup of coffee or tea. The smell is always amazing, with cinnamon and spices wafting through the house.

Chocolate eggs are aimlessly being wiped off the shelves and Melbourne's chocolatiers are having trouble keeping up with the demand of their extravagant creations or should I have said Eggs-travigant?

I always go for something different for family gifts in chocolate eggs. I do although find it hard for my sister as she respects the creators of the wrapping as they have designed it and all that's going to happen is someone destroy it to get through to the chocolate. It's hard for her though, being a chocoholic and a Graphic Designer herself. It's torture on her end when she knows how much time it could take to design the wrappers on those Easter rabbits that sit on the shelf.

I don't envy her though, I'm just straight through to the chocolate and gobble it all up.

My sister will wait sometimes longer than a year to finally eat it or not eat it at all. Last year I made it easier for her by myself and hubby smashing all eggs and rabbits and delivering them to her in a box. We figured it would save her the pain and suffering of deciding to eat them or not. 

Cruel or Fair?

Either way we figured it was inventive and fun.

This year egg hunting in shops has been hard with such amazing creations coming onto the shelves in surrounding chocolatiers. But I can't show you what I got as my family are readers too so I will ruin the surprise.  

So what will it be this Easter? Easter egg hunts, Hot Cross Bun's galore, Sneaking small little eggs in between conversations or just relaxing with the family?

What ever you choose to do just remember one thing.

have a Happy Chocolate Holiday!

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