Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Things that Ooze goodness are delicious

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day, so they say and rightfully so. It's the kick start of your day, the charge to your battery and to put the mo back into your mojo.

Today we were in North Melbourne and stopped in at the Auction Rooms for a good full filling breakfast before heading to start the new working week.

Once an actual Auction Room, it has developed in to a pleasurable dining cafe and coffee roaster. It's stripped back walls leave for a rustic and casual environment with a covered court yard, bar seating and filled with the aroma of coffee blends.

This morning I enjoy a mellow 'Candyman blend' coffee, of which had good colour and had a smooth finish. The blend I would say was of medium strength, but very enjoyable so much so I bought a bag of beans to take home with me. I would have preferred the coffee temp to be 3 degrees hotter as it was just a fraction too cold for my liking. But I do appreciate that they are respecting the flavours of the bean itself and not destroying it with boiling milk.

There is not really an actual breakfast menu here, more of an all day dining menu so no matter what time you roll on out of bed, you will have a choice of breakfast or something more on the lunching side of things.

The menu is screaming delicious flavour combinations and they place their own spin on some old style dishes to make for an even more enjoyable dish.

This morning we grab the old school salmon benedict styled breakfast. But today it's not as simple as salmon with poached eggs and hollandaise. Today we engorge ourselves with the Auction Rooms modern yet healthy styled version.

A golden potato and quinoa (a new rage of grain that's come onto the scene) rosti that is nestled on some kale (type of cabbage) finished with a small fillet of cold cooked salmon, poached egg and hollandaise.

My breakfast is a tower of goodness. It looks attractive and my eyes are widened as I just want to get into it, but there is something I must do first. 

When you order something that has poached egg, my favourite thing of enjoyment it to break the white and watch the golden yolk trickle down the side or over the dish. It's something that tells me that the chefs are cooking to perfection and delivering the best.

It's kind of unwrapping a present on Christmas day, but it's unwrapping your breakfast. When that yolk oozes it's goodness it makes me smile and it's the verification that it will be nothing but delicious.

So does Auction Rooms deliver this ray of sunshine on your plate? Well yes it does!

A stream of yolk falls through the hollandaise and down the side of my towering breakfast. Perfection on a plate is all that I can say.

A golden crunch with texture from the quinoa in the rosti, buttery kale and silky smooth hollandaise together with the harmonious cooked egg was truly a mouth watering breakfast.

Auction Rooms bustle with customers, whether it's for a business meeting, friendly catch up or filled with locals. It's trendy and welcoming and clearly has style and grace on their menu.

I have ventured here a couple of times now, and wish that I too was a local in North Melbourne but alas I am not. So Auction Rooms is that place for me to venture too on those occasions when I want something special or want to impress.

Auction Rooms
107 Errol Street
North Melbourne
9326 7749

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