Friday, 15 March 2013

To Rock Well @ Rockwell & Sons

I've heard nothing but good things about Rockwell and Sons so it was only a given that I get there myself and see what all the hustle and bustle was about.

This casual restaurant fitted with wooden frame work, bench seating and an embossed detailed roof was jam packed with diners craving succulent sandwiches. A simple out lay made a warm and laid back atmosphere with great bop in your seat music.

We started off with an evening of there own made sodas; Pear and Vanilla and Strawberry anise. Wow! Full flavoured syrup goodness, not a soda full of bubbles like your ordinary soft drinks. These were delicious silky beverages that tickled your taste buds. Could pull back on the ice a little as is did wash away the flavours to the end but were an absolute delight.

We of course had to go the other two flavours on offer; Japanese melon (honey dew melon) and the old school traditional lemonade. Although we spiced up the lemonade a little by adding some Gin, and seriously this is a to do when you go there. We were in Gin heaven.

The Menu is simple but flavoursome. I was happy to see some old school appetisers on the menu such as Devilled eggs, but excited to see some fancy options too, such as Duck wings.

Devilled eggs were bought out at those house parties for canapes back in the 18th -19th century. A delicious hard boiled egg, served cold with it's yolk removed and mixed with may and mustard then replaced into the whites.

These little bites were powerful in mustard flavour and a great treat to the night. Something so simple packed boldness to the palate.

We were lucky this evening to get our fingers sticky with the Confit Duck wings, with only one serve left in the kitchen it was meant to be. These tasty wings were succulent and the meat just fell off the bone. A sticky marinade coated every inch which made for a finger licking experience.

The chorizo with sweet and sour Fig was also a great addition to our starter which came out at the same time as the wings. These two dishes complimented each other in harmony.

Your palate was crying for more in each bite and packed delicious sweet and sour balance, nothing over powered the main elements of the dishes. You could taste the chorizo enough and the figs just added a hint of flavour and texture.

Sandwiches on offer for mains and it's hard to choose. The Pulled lamb with smoked eggplant and Harissa aioli was a subtle but flavoursome sandwich. Tender lamb, juicy and well balanced with the eggplant and harissa in a soft bun.

The other was my choice of the Pressed rib sandwich with BBQ sauce, dill and fennel. Tantalising in every bite, with the rib so delicately cooked and the fresh fennel was a perfect balance inside the soft white bun.

To go with these tasty sandwiches of course you have to have some sides. So with out fail it was chosen to have fries served with malt vinegar aioli, onion rings with Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce and for something fresh, watermelon with a chilli lime salt.

All sides were a delicious accompaniment and that watermelon was a great addition to freshen the palate. What I liked was that the skins were still on the potato fries, made for a rustic texture and the coating on the Onion rings sublime. You crunched your way through the coating to discover a sweet onion flavour, yum!.

Dessert there are 2 choices, Chocolate olive oil cake with poached strawberries and a Butter milk Panna cotta with poached peaches and a butter milk granita.

The chocolate cake is a winner for all those chocoholics out there, rich in flavour and who doesn't like poached strawberries and small dollops of cream?

The panna cotta was softer in flavours and sweetened with the peaches, the granita was a great touch. Both desserts a fine finisher to our evening.

The service was friendly and welcoming, the slight open kitchen allowed you to watch the chefs hard at work delivering you full flavoured sandwiches and sides from beginning to end. The vibe was bustling and the music blaring. It made for a great night out for friends to catch up on a Friday night, or any night (apart from Tuesdays as they are closed).

There was nothing on the menu we didn't want, and although it's not an extensive menu, we are going to be back for more as there are still things that we want but couldn't fit in. So Rockwell & Son you have delivered to me today, you have one me over with flavours and deliciousness to make me come back for more.

Rockwell & Sons
288 Smith Street
8415 0700

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