Friday, 28 February 2014

Just listed in top 10

In the 1900's somewhere in the land of America a man by the name of Louis Lassen created the brilliant creation of a Hamburger. A sandwich holding 1 or more cooked meat patties served usually with a conjunction of lettuce, bacon, pickles, tomatoes, cheese and finished off with a condiment such as mustards, tomato sauce or relishes.

Over time we have played and created our very own version of the perfect burger. Adding in beetroot, pineapple, egg, onion rings, hash-browns, the works.It never ceases to amaze me how we create something that no longer fits delicately in your mouth like a sandwich. You need to either dislocate your jaw to get it in, in one bite or dare I say it use a knife and fork to eat something that should always be held in your hands

TLBC other wise known as The Local Burger Co has just been listed in Melbourne's top 10 burger bars, and I must admit they are goooooood. Located on Rathdowne street, Carlton this small little Burger bar is becoming a hit to many locals.

Nothing to over the top in flavours, just simple and fresh. Me being a lover of burgers though did get excited about the fact that today's special was a sliders tasting plate. Who wouldn't say no to that when you can't make up your mind on what burger you want.

The selection of sliders were BBQ Beef, Pulled Pork and American Cheese. The BBQ Beef had a sticky smokey BBQ sauce smothering the beef with a fresh slaw, and was delightful. The American Cheese burger is everything you expect melted cheese over the beef patty with a thick layering of American mustard and tomato sauce. But my favorite was the delicious pulled pork made with a wasabi mayo and pickled ginger. Subtle delicate flavours that burst in your mouth makes if for pleasant eating.

 My Burger friend in crime went for the Mushroom burger; a slow roasted mushroom with roasted eggplant, halloumi cheese, lettuce relish and mayo. Adding a serving crisp bacon in their too and you have yourself a whopper of a meal.

For sided the chilli cheese fries were delicious and the hot wings.... ridiculously delicious. The Chilli cheese fries were mild and oozed with melted cheese and jalapenos, beans and red chilli. The wings were smothered in delicious sticky hot sauce that gave you chilli sweats but were that amazing you couldn't stop eating them. It was one of the best hot sauces that I've had, slightly sweet and sour flavours but a wham of chilli.
Milkshakes served in jars to wash it all down with are always a good choice or if you like the American softies, cherry cola, dr pepper are there for you to.

It was a delicious treat to experience the Local Burger Co and I have already been back, and have been telling friends to go there. Eat in, Take away of hire a picnic basket and enjoy it in the park. What more could you ask for? No matter where you want to eat a good burger the options are already there for you.

This little gem really does deserve to be in the top 10 Burger places of Melbourne, even after it only opened it's doors 5 months ago. What a way to start a new business with a Bang.

The Local Burger Co
687 Rathdowne Street
9347 7561
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