Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Over dosed on Dosa

Whats a Dosa you may ask, well it's about time you all learnt.

A Dosa is a very light Indian fermented crepe made from a rice batter. A staple dish if you will is popular in the Southern Indian states.

It is not in Southern India where I find my Dosa's though, it was actually hidden in an old Bicycle shop.

Over Dosa has zoned in this spot for a fancy pop up with chairs decked out, and bright colours to bring some fancy Indian casual dining to our door steps of Fitzroy.

Three flavoursome Dosas are available for choice or if your extremely hungry do all three.  Classic Potato Masala; potatoes with traditional herbs and spices is quiet mild but showcase bold flavours. If your one for more simpler flavours this is the choice for you.

Spicy Tamarind Pumpkin; sweet, sour and spicy is exactly everything it says it is. Very strong flavours combined with soft sweet pumpkin. Very tasty indeed and it does awaken the taste buds.

Smokey eggplant with peas; Char grilled eggplant with a mild tomato and onion gravy with fresh green peas. The eggplant is well smoked and so it should be as it's been done over an open flame. The essence has really been captured within the aubergine. Sweetness from the tomato does cut through the smoke flavours and is very mild in spice and very enjoyable. The fresh green peas adds an additional freshness to the Dosa.

Each Dosa is light with a golden crisp casing, they really do remind you of a French crepe, but you know it's not. The flavour of the Dosa is unique and somewhat incomparable in flavours to anything else you have eaten.

We went for some of the Poppers as well; unusual lentil nuggets served with a light hot chilli chutney. These Poppers are explained to be a sauce soaker. Gorgeous crunchy coating with a thick lentil texture in the centre. I actually tried all the chutneys with these poppers and discovered that the creamy coriander and mint chutney was my personal favorite with these bite sized nuggets.

Now being a Pop up/ Food Truck that Over Dosa is, they are currently no longer in the position I found them. Now they are currently on the move providing friendly service to the festival goers or the Melbourne Zoo Twilighters.

Owners of the operations Kunal and Tyson are here to serve and educate you all on a good Dosa. They've had someone tell them before that it's better than their mum's. Now that's saying one thing, they are great and you have to go find them.

Their heart and soul has gone into OverDosa and it shows, not only in their faces when they are talking to you about their dishes, or in the technique they use when making the Dosas. It comes through from beginning to end. They are proud of their accomplishments and so they should be.

The Dosas are unique and you can't fins anything similar in the Food trucks that roam Melbourne streets.

So if you are looking for something far from the ordinary burger or taco you get from most Food Trucks, track these guys down. It's worth a shot.

You can tell you've found them as they always go that one step more by presenting their truck or pop up with there chairs and bright cushions to give it that final touch to draw you closer. And if you're still lost looking for them, look for the giant peacock painted on the side of the truck. You can't miss it.

Check out OverDosas facebook page for updates on locations
https://www.facebook.com/OVERDOSA that way you will never miss out on something great.

0413 102 914
Food Truck (on the move)

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