Monday, 10 November 2014

Not tonight Honey

We all have a time in our lives where we cringe at the fact that after a long days work you then have to return home and cook a meal. For some of us it's always, for others it's occasional but there is no denying that there hasn't been a time where all you want to get home change into your sweats or pyjama's and slump on the couch and have delivery bring you your dinner.

Lately moving into the west side of Melbourne we were discovering a shortage on good take away venues that delivered to our door, or still be open when we actually realised that it was getting to that time of evening where we should have taken something out of the freezer about 6 hours ago.

The stumble onto Menulog was a great option that was made aware to us, and to be honest we haven't looked back. A website where they don't just deliver the multiple option of cuisine, but the service is included through till the end, and for those who have used Menulog will understand what I am talking about, but the question is do you know the in's and out of what takes place?

So let me take you on a journey through Menulog and see why this is your saving grace to those nights where dirty pots and pans won't need to become dirty and your kitchen can stay clean for another night.

By placing in your post code to start it will filter the closest restaurants trading for both delivery and pick up. Shortly to follow you can scroll through the many choices in front of you which is listed by population or if you fancy something in particular choose to list in cuisine specific.

Once you have clicked and chosen look through the menu adding your meals into the cart, or it's not what you wanted or can't find what you need scroll back and begin in another restaurant.

Some things that excite me about this is that even if the restaurant is not open, you can always pre order.... yep that's right you can order early hours of the morning if you really want and plan for that night to be either ready for your drive home or at your door for the time you arrive home.

You can identify timings for the restaurants on when trade of your restaurant is available. If it displays a yellow button, the place is closed for that time and you can put in place your pre order.

As you order through each restaurant Menulog will accumulate the total purchases from there to allow you to receive discounts on further purchases.

Once you have chosen your cuisine, scanned through the menu and added your meal to the cart, it's time for you to check out.

Pay by card, PayPal or in cash, it's your choice. Once selected you finish off your details for delivery and let the service of Menulog take over.

You receive a text message for confirmation that your order has been received as well as a confirmation through email.

From there they follow through to the restaurant, and if they haven't confirmed with Menulog you will receive a phone call directly to inform you that first the restaurant has not responded and secondly your transaction will be cancelled and returned to you promptly.

Time of delivery will vary for each restaurant and the night you have ordered, to be expected but I have to say that we have not really had much variance in delivery time which was originally estimated through text.

Of course if you have concerns through the wait period it best be easier to contact the restaurant directly.

On average as you can tell by my wonderful screen shots it takes just a few minutes to enter your order and get through to your confirmation page. I think here it was approximately 3 minutes to order, now when you call someone directly you generally have to wait on a busy Friday at least 5 to even get through. Here there is no talking or time delay, apart from yourself.

After your meal jump back onto the restaurant that you ordered and assist them with feedback., so others can review your thoughts.

Menulog will also store previous orders for you to re-order if it was the perfect meal that you want time and time again.

It is unusual for me to promote something like this I know, but it has saved me from the worst of times when the last thing you want to think about is cooking (rare for me but reality). The choices are always extensive and everything is reasonable and best of all user friendly.

Get on the page and set up your account and happy eating.

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  1. I've used them here on the Sunshine Coast and it's great. Even though we all love cooking, there are some nights it's just plain work. :)