Friday, 21 November 2014

The secret ingredient is L O V E

Cooking is always supposed to have the special ingredient of love, as my Nanna used to say. Homestyle cooking is always what I adventure to find when eating out at smaller venues where family is the key to making the cafe or restaurant work.

There dedication shows from that first step you through the door through to the end of the farewell, and today I have found it.

Olive oil & Butter is a family restaurant making all there delights on premises and delivering sensational meals with great service. The cafe is quaint but homely with touches of Greek heritage through out.

From the moment we stepped in front of the door to enter we were greeted with a friendly smile and welcome. Settled down with specials explained and coffee orders taken instantly.

Brunch was in order but hard to decide on what to have. Everything sounds great. So with the trust of the staff I left it in there hands to decide for me, and they impressed.

A delicious and impressive dish of the Egg & Pumpkin breakfast was delivered and gave that WOW factor. Pumpkin and goat curd fritters with kaiserfleisch (similar to brisket), smears of pumpkin puree, poached eggs, pumpkin seed romesco sauce and a soft feta foam.

Poached eggs that if you cut them the wrong way you would be wearing the golden runny yolk. Creamy pumpkin pure and warm scone like fritters was a perfect choice for me.

The other meal on order was the Olive oil & Butter Special of eggs, artisian sausage, kaiserfleisch feta mushrooms, yiyantes (Greek style baked beans), lemonates patates (lemon potatoes) and a tasty housemade relish.

A hearty Greek inspired big breakfast and one that would make for a good crowd pleaser. Everything boomed with flavour but nothing that over powered from another. Once again poached eggs cooked to perfection which I find sometimes even in the most popular cafes is hard to deliver.

Now you can't shy away from a good piece of Saganaki and here I will tell you that this  was perfection. Golden pan fried Sheep's milk feta cheese was topped with fresh lemon juice and was smooth. No squeak as I say when eating it, and I know I have discussed Saganaki before.

I hate when you get a piece of Saganaki and when eating it you feel a squeak as though you have just brushed your teeth and  you rub your finger vigorously over the top to get that squeaky clean effect.

Here I am please to announce, that it is delightful.

Cakes and pastries are at the counter to satisfy that sweet tooth or perhaps if you have guests coming over and you need something to go with that cup of tea.

Everything made on site, and kept to the Greek traditional desserts which are always a good choice.

I always felt welcome to sit and felt more important when the staff took care in packaging the cakes and pastries when we were leaving.

I always say a smile goes a long way, and today it did. I will be more than happy to return and I want to tell you that you should try Olive oil & Butter and you should take friends, so they can tell more people.

I was so happy with my find of such a small family cafe, and they should be recognised for there achievements, food and service.

Till next time, I will be enjoying my pastries with my coffee this afternoon and reminiscing the magnificent Brunch I had. It truly made my day.

Olive Oil & Butter
196 Somerville rd,
9315 1060

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  1. I agree with you completely except when I'm really hungry. Then hunger is the secret ingredient, especially if there's nothing to eat and you have to make something out of pantry items. :)