Sunday, 28 December 2014

A feeding Frenzy

With the wonderful flavours of Chin Chin comes a quaint yet vibrant place in Richmond Kong BBQ.

Delicious Korean BBQ with a friendly and energy filled atmosphere was defiantly delivered. Greeted with large smiles from the staff and a warm welcome that followed set the mood for what was to be an exciting experience.

With drinks ordered I was brought into a true feeding frenzy where there was too many options. My excitement was through the roof, perhaps a little squeal may have come out with all the excitement.

On the short order we decided to share some smaller plates (of course) to ensure we didn't miss out on too much.

Trying a couple of buns to begin, tantalised my appetite to say the least. A bun of soft shell crab with salted duck egg relish and coriander was delicate and rich. The other was a Peanut butter salt and pepper tofu with burnt chilli mayo. A combination of sweet sour and chilli combined with a hint of satay was extraordinary and delicious.

To follow were the Hot wings with Gochujang and chipotle and Tuna tartare with yuzu koshu, red apple, pork crackling and squid ink.

Chicken wings smothered with a sweet yet spicy gochujang and chipotle was finger licking delightful. Chicken cooked to perfection and flavours bursting. Glad to have some refresher towels for after as I did need to clean up a bit.... what? they were good. I'm not guilty that sauce was smeared on my cheek, I was happy.

The Tuna tartare was succulent and refreshing. I had to slow down so that I could value the combinations of flavours more. Fresh apples with pork crackling and the yuzu koghu sauce was perfection.

Mains saw the BBQ tray, filled with pulled chicken and pork with Pork belly and beef brisket served with lettuce, pickled veg and kimchi and walnut ssamjang.

Using chemical free charcoal and sustainable  Australian wood, the meats on the platter were all tender and tasty. Each holding a variance of char flavours dependant on how they were treated.

The idea is to grab a lettuce leaf, add your choice of meat and top it off with some pickle veg and the walnut ssamjang. The flavours were impeccable and meats still so succulent you could capture stunning flavours as you created. we did also add some slaw to the side to add another field of freshness to the dish.

Sweets of course were always on the menu with an Apple and walnut tart with miso butterscotch and Japanese whisky ice cream and also the coconut sago with a passionfruit and pnapple trifle.

I enjoyed both but found the tart to be a little to sweet by /2 way. Scrumptious though but I am finding with age I am heading away from sweeter creations (I know I know, the fudge queen is saying this. I make it but rarely eat it).

The sago was light and flavoursome, a refreshing finish to a tasteful experience.

Kong BBQ is certainly delivering you some outstanding dishes within a vibrant atmosphere. Best thing is that if there full, you can organise take away - SCORE!

With a menu this good, you would want to be returning until the menu is complete.

Kong BBQ
599 Church Street
9427 1307

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