Thursday, 11 December 2014

Getting Saucey

A few weeks ago I was asked if I wanted to join in an event where I could meet and Interview Manu Fiedel and learn about pork....... Ummmmm who would give up that opportunity?

Brought together by Mango Australia, Murray Valley pork and Highpoint Shopping Centre I was able to not only meet Manu, but to sit and get a saucey interview with him about his culinary world. I was able to get the saucey information that a lot of people want to know.

Murray Valley Pork is an exquisite pork supplier only delivering to five star butchers around Australia. Farming their own produce, allowing for free range, and caring for every pig.

The quality and respect that Murray Valley put into their produce is amazing, respecting each pig each day and delivering the most amazing produce that I have worked with for some time.

Pork is actually my favorite protein and I will always get excited when I find pork on a menu or when I cook with it at home.

It is a misunderstood meat which apart from cooking bacon, people often over cook where it becomes dry and tasteless. Pork is actually an exceptional meet where is can be cooked just under and it holds a succulent juicy flavour. When you get to enjoy it in this state you too will be putting more pork on your fork for the coming days.

Cooking demonstrations presented by Manu allowed us to understand how the pork should be treated and delivering mouth watering recipes where you too can easily make at home and get the exact results. It was astounding how easy flavours can be captured into the pork and how simple flavours can become so delicious.

After a full day of learning how to treat the pork and tasting each dish, believe it or not I rushed home and cooked pork for dinner, one to make sure I didn't forget and two because it was that good.

In the coming weeks I will be creating some delicious recipes using Murray Valley pork and placing the recipes here for you to enjoy as well.

I am greatful that Murray Valley respect animal welfare and care for there produce to the high quality they do, delivering to us succulent juicy and flavoursome produce. I am also greatful that my butcher is one that offer Murray Valley, serving nothing but premium cuts.

Please look under the recipes section here to grab the assortments of recipes that were displayed by Manu on the day of which could end up on your menu for this Christmas. Otherwise Keep note of the recipes as they are great for  your dinners during the week and are actually very time compatible with even the busy lifestyles that most of us have.

It was a great day to understand pork and to get to taste the flavours of Manu's cooking. Please also venture to Murray Valleys web site ( great pork recipes and more details about what they pride themselves in with there produce.

A big thank you to Mango Australia ( and especially to Jess for reaching out and inviting me to this sensational day.

To finish off, here's the Voxpop of Manu and I getting into a saucey interview. Hope you enjoy

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