Wednesday, 25 February 2015

A feel good moment

We all love to sit and relax and put on a movie from time to time, and you can't say no to movies that contain a 'Feel Good' moment.

Movies such as Ratatouille, Julie and Julia, Chef just to name a few (the list is endless) really makes you warm and yet slightly more hungry.... theres no denying it.

So you better go and pop some popcorn smother it in melted butter then mix it up with some maltesers because theres a new Culinary movie out and it will wish you had smell TV.

The hundred food journey is about a family who leave their home behind and travel to France to start a new beginning with there gastronomic flavours and put the spice in to peoples lives. A charming setting and a step into the culinary world.

Heres a story about hopes and dreams that for any food lover could picture themselves in and hoping it could be them.

As every movie does this family movie creates competition between to rivals, but includes good humour and understanding into how 2 restaurants strive to be better with there flavours and produce.

But as time passes the dedication of 1 chef stands out and brings the perfect combination of flavours and really makes you want to be there to enjoy it even more.

The true beginnings of just a cook who becomes world famous as he embarks on grand adventures through the combination of 2 cultures.

Produced by Stephen Speilburg and Oprah Winfrey, this movie truly brings out the good in the culinary world and shows how magical a combination of flavours and techniques can add to ones life.

If you are one who enjoys good culinary movies, this is one that will bring joy into your lives. After watching it made me want to get into the kitchen and create meals and experiment with flavours. If they can do it why cant you?

The Hundred Foot Journey is now available on Blu-ray and DVD. Thank you to Chloe from  Mango Communications ( ) for bringing this masterpiece to me.


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