Sunday, 15 March 2015

What is she hiding from you?

In one of Melbourne's prestigious Heritage listed building is a place where you can combine everything you love and everything that makes Melbourne known around the world. Food, Fashion, Music and Art.

A grand glass entrance with a gracious front desk and a pink lite horse floating above you is just the beginning of your night ahead.

I welcome you to Ms. Collins, a place where you gather friends, mingle and enjoy some superb hosted service through the night.

This venue is grand and spacious with closed off rooms, split level and designed with neon luminous lighting to set you into a relaxing ambience.

Something that you may not have realised though is that here at Ms Collins they not only have a grand central bar where people like to mingle at after the working hour, but there is an extraordinary kitchen.

An outstanding menu of street food designed by renowned chefs in Melbourne - Jaques Reymond (80 hatted chef), Daniel Wilson (Huxtable), Paul Wilson (Icebergs) and Riccardo Momesso (Velentino). Now that I've name dropped there is no way you could refuse to eat here right?

Here is a menu that doesn't need s description of the food as with these culinary superstars you can't choose any wrong dish - I'm serious.

Currently Ms Collins is Chowing or should I say Bao-ing down on a Friday night, making for a spectacular start to your weekend with a Bao and wine special. A weekly changing Bao is a great accompaniment with a beverage in the late afternoon or pre dinner snack. With my taste of Waygu beef brisket with pickled cabbage in a soft pillowy bao was a delicious start, and not to heavy either.

Opening the menu showcasing extravagant dishes it is hard to choose, do you select only from 1 chef, mix it up or choose from your favorite culinary star. I say mix it up, that way you can understand the styles of each chef and what they want to showcase.

During my time spent here I was blown away by the Empanadas de Picadillo with mission fig mole. This short pastry melted like heaven and with the rich mole filling and sweet fresh figs I was floating on cloud 9. It was that good I couldn't sit still, I was too excited and started texting people telling them what I was eating and how good it was.

Dessert was a Banana and Ron Zacapa parfait with salted caramel, hazelnut brittle and brulee bananas. What can I say.... this picturesque dessert filled with depth of flavour but not overpowering in sweetness. It is subtle and delicate just like how it is plated.

What I love about Ms Collins is how proud the team is both in the kitchen and those serving and hosting.

Watching the Kitchen I can see the detail taken on every plate and together working in-sync as a unity. It makes me happy when every part of the team are working harmoniously together making for a flawless service to the guest.

Ms Collins is serving there menu from 4pm Tuesday - Saturday and will not fail in delivering your high expectations of what is a grand menu.

By all means book a table and have it for the evening and then continue to stay and get your groove on when the music picks up.

I guarantee that you will be looked after and have your mind blown away by there hidden culinary delights, so much so you will make it your regular place for after work drinks or a friendly catch up in the city with friends.

Ms Collins
425 Collins street
8614 2222

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