Thursday, 21 May 2015

A Trendy Serenity

Hawk and Hunter is a well layed out open spaced cafe that is bustling with morning local diners of Ripponlea.

Large communal table with delightful comfy seating is where we sat so I could gaze upon the action of the Sunday morning. Over hanging industrial lighting on the pallet made table with a mix match collage of a paper tree was actually rather a pleasant feel to the dining experience.

Service was fantastic and I commend our waiter, a young well mannered gentlemen was more than happy to chat, offer ideas and was fast on his feet. I unfortunately failed to get his name but the service truly made me feel welcomed to dine.

Using 5 senses coffee the creme was golden and rich and a medium well bodied blend of bean. Would make anyone enjoy there coffee. Temperature was perfect and if you are into it a little art on your late was good.

So breakfast on a Sunday, theres no denying by now it's my thing and if you haven't read my other blogs - I am one to enjoy the Sunday Breakfast.

Hawk and Hunter have what you would expect on the menu for a breakfast meal.

Smashed avocado, Corn and Zucchini fritters, Spanish Breakfast, Bircher muesli and so on to name a few. But I have to say the serving sizes are large and the dishes have a slight change to the usual to make the dishes there own.

For example the Fancy Forest Mushrooms are far from having just a serve of buttered button mushrooms. Here we have sautéed mixed mushrooms in a truffle butter served with a runny poached egg and polenta chips. This selection of wild mushrooms were full flavoured and with a slight add of lemon juice brought this dish to the next level.

The Hawk Benedict was gorgeous with the perfectly cooked poached eggs with short cut bacon on top of what they call Dr Marty's crumpets, fresh asparagus and house hollandaise.

The crumpets were amazing, far from any other house made crumpet that I have tasted. Light fluffy and delicious soaking in the hollandaise sauce and the oil from the bacon. On the side there version of a potato rosti. A dense rosti indeed but jam packed with fresh herbs and a stunning golden crisp coating.

To unwind and relax you should try there detox tea, served in a dainty glass pot with cup and saucer I did feel a little bit like Alice in Wonderland for a moment. But the tea was lovely, fresh lemon, mint and a touch of chilli really made you unwind and enjoy your serenity.

On your way out or perhaps if you still have room for more you should check out the cake counter.

A counter of muffins, slices, filled donuts and musk sticks just to name a few delights but make sure you check out the fridge for more intense chocolate treats.

I really did get to enjoy  the overall experience here. The staff worked well together and it showed both in the service and on the plate.

If you are in the area and you catch Public Transport into the city then you will be happy to know that it's right beside the station for that easy access to caffeine on the run.

Happy dining and Thanks to the Team of Hawk and Hunter.

Hawk & Hunter
8 Glen Eira Ave
9528 2719

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