Thursday, 14 May 2015

How may I direct your call?

With these wintery mornings it is getting so much harder to get out of bed. But if you are a food entrepreneur such as myself (or blogger which ever you would like to say) it's great. While the people are tucked in their beds I get up put on the beanie and scarf that I knitted, drag the hubby with me and head out for a quiet breakfast as the cafe doors just open.

Recently I was able to get to Operator 25. Just around the corner of Victoria market nestled down a side street behind a dance studio and offices it was already bustling with diners.

The menu has a great selection of dishes that are all plated with phasic and inspiring compositions that is now what is hitting the breakfast food scene.

The coffee has a stunning crema and is full bodied, great for those like myself that need the morning to start off with a good coffee. The respect of a bean can really make a difference and here the coffee is well respected.

On this mornings menu choice I went for the sweet option of the Elderflower Sago: a combination of chia seeds, strawberry and rhubarb compote, freeze dried mango and a white chocolate foam.

A refreshing and sweet start to the morning. It was hard not to eat it too quickly, some restraint was required. A very well balanced flavour with nothing over powering. I enjoyed the mango shards to give it complexion and texture. And of course.... pretty on the plate.

It was hard to choose my breakfast and I wish I could sometimes have 3 meals to myself, but alas it won't happen.

But to choose against the Sago, Ginger and date bread with caramelised banana mascarpone, salted milk crumb and pomegranate sauce or the Granola clusters with seasonal fruits coconut honey yoghurt and mandarine juice is really Hard.

Paul went for the savoury side of things, and it was a good choice at that. Smoked Sardines: on grilled rye bread covered with pickled cucumber, manchego, sour cherry, rocket and dill.

Under those luscious greens are delicately smoked sardine fillets that when combined with the cherry, cucumber and green mix is a world of pleasure about to be had when placed in your mouth.

Sweet and sour combinations enhance the sardines and are outstanding. It's possibly a dish that most would shy away from, being sardines and all. But these little fish are actually really good for you and hold an amazing flavour.
If you feel like getting a little fancy try In-house coffee spritzer and iced tea. The coffee spritzer is flavoured with cold brew, maple syrup, lemon, lychee, micro lemon balm and tonic water. A great stomach detox with all the lemon and tonic water and slightly bitter on the palate.

The iced tea is more suited for the sweet toothed people with Hibiscus, chamomile, eucalyptus honey and served with mint, orange and nata de cocoa.

It was a pleasant dining experience and most popular with the mums with kids in the dance studio. Great location pre or post venturing to the Victoria market and catch up with a friend.

There plating is eye catching and they will continue to grow with fans of the food crazed population.

Operator 25
25 Wills Street
9670 3278

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