Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Absolute Perfection

A spectacular and eye capturing glass display show case sweet perfections of cakes, macaron, chocolates and biscuits. Silky glistening glazes and ganache shine under the lights so perfect that you could see yourself in it's reflection.

Welcome to Bibelot.

It is a wonder why it has taken me this long to finally visit this sensation of dessert experience.

Chocolate that runs on tap should surly be the breaking point to visit to anyone who either is the general chocoholic or has a passion for dessert eating.

To the front of the long counter as you walk through ceiling to floor glass doors is the ice cream area where creamy ice-cream is served and smothered with a chocolate sauce fresh from the flowing tap.

Further down are cabinets upon cabinets of decadent desserts and treats, where you drool over and become indecisive of what you actually came in for.

Bright macarons of traditional and unusual flavours fly out the door packages beautifully for the perfect gift or just for you to enjoy in the comfort of your home where you don't have to hide how many you end up eating by yourself.

Individual cakes are perfectly lined in a row, and makes for even more excitement and becomes hard to choose. The flawless cake creations are unbelievable to look at with each cake consistent to the other. Inspiring to all patisserie students and all master chef lovers.

For me it was too hard to choose so there is nothing better to choose from thank the tasting plate selection that was easy to share between 2 - 4 people. Accompanied with a coffee or other hot drink you can relax and catch up easily with a friend.

Showcasing a selection from the cabinet in smaller sizes again, there was nothing but amazing quality and fantastic combinations of flavours.

The sweetness of the cakes are not over powering where you need to stop eating because you have obtained that sugar/ sweetness overload and our body starts shutting down.

Here is is more the balance of the fruit flavours  on some cases the chocolate flavours where it naturally comes through without the addition of extra sugars.

To go amongst friends is a must especially if you love the catching up over coffee and cake experience. I had a magnificent afternoon in the South Melbourne sun with my sister for a catch up, and then travelled through the Market as an additional touch. You may as well, it's just beside you.

And if you don't like having people envy you for going well then the answer is simple. Take something home with you. You can say you brought them something and then make them share it with you so you don't miss out. It's a double win.

285-287 Conventry street
South Melbourne
9690 2688

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