Monday, 22 June 2015

Polí nóstimos (It's very Tasty)

It's not what you know, it's who you know and for most diners and foodies the fact you can say you've gone to George Calambaris's restaurant you can tell that these people enjoy to name drop.

Greek cuisine is always an amazing choice when you want to experience natural flavours with a slight char grilled flavour and balanced off with acidity and freshness.

Here at Hellenic Republic it all about the congregation of your family and friends and to enjoy marvellous creations of the traditional cuisine but refined to a delicate and exquisite style.

A choice to design your own evening of shared plates or go for the style of designed sharing plates chosen by the team. I tend to always enjoy someone else choosing my dishes, it's as though they are giving me a surprise for the night that always makes it for an exciting dining experience.

A serve of soft golden croquettes that were a sensation within themselves and smoked mackerel on a bed of beans and tomato was a great starter for the evening.

The croquettes were heavenly and creamy and retained that divine golden crunch coating. The mackerel was fresh and brought a pleasant palate cleanse to what was ahead.

To follow was Saganaki with sweet peppered figs. Away from the traditional way of serving with lemon, this lovely piece of cheese served on a warm grill plate achieved everything that you would expect. Delicate cheese flavours sweetened with the glorious syrup and fig. As the plate cooled you gained a slight toffee addition which added that finger licking experience.

Spit roasted Chicken with oregano and garlic as well as some lamb was succulent and tender. Served with tzatziki and slaw these natural flavours burst with great complexion. It was hard to not devour this quickly. Subtle flavours really helped the meat shine it's natural flavours and a slight smoke from the spit roasting.

 Charred prawns and grilled fish served with a grain and pomegranate salad was fresh and perfect. The prawns sang songs of deliciousness as you ate them and took you away on an ocean cruise (almost). Plump and juicy prawns accompanies with the delicate fish was a great way to complete the mains for the evening.

Dessert was a combination of donuts and rice pudding. Golden honey soaked donuts with a light centre, chocolate and hazelnuts was a sweet and joyous experience. To join was the delightful creamy pudding finished with pistachios, almond shortbread and salted caramel
Both were pretty tasty and made for a pleasant end to the night.

Tonights experience lead to be a rather generous and tasting experience of which would make us dine again.

Hellenic Republic
434 Lygon Street
9381 1222

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