Friday, 10 July 2015

The Kettle isn't Guilty

When I think about food I think about the combinations that address your palate when eating and where the design or story of the dish has come from. Is there a story of where the ingredients have come from, have they been gown by them or perhaps is there thought behind the delicate and natural flavours and textures?

I ventured to the Kettle Black and really happy that the time had come for me to sit down and eat here. With a beautiful natural decor, ceiling to floor windows and the feel of an organic nature expresses a calm retreat from the busy life.

The menu speaks delicate and pretty, and if you have seen the amount of pictures on social media it proves to be just that.

I wanted to experience the blend of flavours to get the most out of the experience, so I headed for the King Island Crayfish roll with a light spread of lime and yuzu mayonnaise and finished with sorrel and local leaves. The roll itself was meant to be an Ash roll however as all restaurants experience supplier dramas today it was in a squid ink roll. I'm not complaining, I got excited about it.

The flavours were light and delicate and overall a pleasure to eat. Sweet cray meat off set with the lime mayo and with the sorrel adds a slight sour element. As the waiter expressed the squid ink roll would not over power how the dish is supposed to taste and with that he was right. I would although go back again to have it with the Ash roll just to see what these fine chefs have invented.

 The seasonal mushroom dish was exquisite with a combination of both cooked and raw mushrooms, seasoned with mushroom powder and served with a fresh goats curd. There is nothing I can say that will make you understand how exciting this dish is.

You can often go to other cafes and get a serve of mushrooms where they are smothered in butter and seasoned beautifully but those dishes do not compare to this.

Delicate sautéed mushrooms combined with the raw added an extra level of flavour and texture. You can truly respect the earthy flavours and really enjoy the pleasure of this one vegetable. 

The final and most refreshing palate experience is the house made coconut yoghurt. Light coconut yoghurt is made for eating pleasure with the balance of citrus powder, grains, seeds, nuts, rhubarb and delicate sweet fresh fruits. Not only do you get excited when this one plate is delivered to your table due to it's picture perfect presentation but the flavour combinations will take you on w whirl wind of adventures. Texture balances and although a sweet dish it is not so sweet that you feel ill.

It was a pleasure to experience such subtle combinations that made for a well balanced experience. Kettle Black will do nothing but grow in delivering such mind opening dishes that will excite not only foodies but anyone who comes to gain an experience.

Sourcing perfect produce and making it different to the competition is what makes Kettle Black different to everyone else in the Melbourne vicinity. But you need to experience it yourself to truly understand.

The Kettle Black
50 Albert Street
South Melbourne
9088 0721

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  2. Its really nice how you explore for food and share new ideas with us. That's why I love and keep coming to your blog whenever I get time. I have visited several restaurant you have reviewed and never regretted.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I'm so glad I've been able to reach out and experience what I discover in my food adventures.

      Thank you

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