Saturday, 25 July 2015

Yes Sir, Yes Sir

A place that has been open for more than a couple of years in the food environment lately I feel is achieving a mile stone and is clearly doing something right in capturing the publics attention.

It's a hard industry with tackling on the competition and ensuring you are staying up to date with the trends and making it modern and none the less eye catching and amazing for the consumer.

Three Bag Full is truly delivering what we want and they are doing it well. Warm decor with a large dining hall that is filling up early on a Sunday morning with happy go lucky diners for there morning brew.

An Ethiopian blend with a slight citrus taste is the brew of choice but is bold and perfect for the initial wake up if it is your first for the day. With the rays of sun beaming through onto the tables through the large windows really helps warm you up and relax you.

Now let me tell you how excited I was for my choice this morning. As I gazed over the menu's and across to the specials there was 1 dish that cried out to me. Don't get me wrong the menu is amazing and well thought about but this 1 dish was like a 5 year old child wanting my attention.

The Ricotta Hotcakes are seriously heaven sent. I'm being serious. This ricotta hot cake was topped with mulled wine fruits, orange infused marscapone, toasted almond flakes, lemon verbena and finished off with crystallised white chocolate.

Tell me you too wouldn't go and order that.

Beautiful light and flavoursome. Soft slightly spiced fruits added a subtle sweetness and blended well with the marscapone cheese. This dish wasn't overpowering in sweetness which you often find when ordering hotcakes/ pancakes for the morning breakfast which is what I think made me really excited about the dish.

On the specials board was French toast stuffed with spinach and grilled mushroom, served with poached eggs. This too was a gorgeous and rich breakfast which delivered a harmonious dish. For the savoury choice I would have dived into this one myself but my sweet tooth was taking charge today. Paul enjoyed it and would order it again too if he had the chance.

You can't go to wrong with a combination of mushrooms, spinach egg and a slight touch of cheese. They are ingredients that are meant to be together.

Three Bags Full offer a great dining vibe whilst enjoying the pleasures of just a coffee or a meal. Read the paper or catch up with some friends. The service is friendly, welcoming and engaged which always adds to your experience.

Three Bags Full
60 Nicholson Street
9421 2732

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