Friday, 9 October 2015

Fattoush Salad with Falafels

1 x 400g Chickpeas
1 x 400g Butter Beans
3 x Rashers of bacon
1 x Brown Onion
3 x Garlic cloves
3 x Eggs
1 x Rd chilli (seeds included)
8 x Semi dried Roama tomatoes
1/4 cup Plain Flour
Salt and Pepper

* Plain flour to coat, peanut oil

4 x Baby Cucumbers
6 x Spring Onions
1 x Bunch Continental parsley
1 x Bunch Mint
15 x Baby Roma tomatoes/ cherry tomatoes
1 x Lemon
Mixed Green Leaves
Olive oil (garlic infused)
4 x Pita Bread rounds

* Natural yoghurt to serve

Combine all ingredients into a food processor and mix until smooth

Once smooth, spoon mixture into dessert spoon sized rolls

On a plate combine flour and seasoning. In a small pan heat peanut oil on medium temperature.

Gently coat falafel mix in flour and set aside. Drop a small amount of the mix into the pan with heating oil, if mix begins to fry your oil is hot enough.

Par cook falafel mix in peanut oil, until a light brown crust is formed. Place falafels on a lined baking tray, season and place in oven on 120c for 30 minutes.

Wash mixed greens and place in mixing bowl

Roughly chop spring onion, mint and parsley and add to bowl

Cut tomatoes in half, and slice cucumbers to preferred size and add to mix.

To Dress, squeeze juice of 1 lemon and lightly drizzle olive oil and mix through salad.

When your falafels have 5-10 minutes left, cut pita bred into small triangles and place in oven to crisp.

To Serve:
Place some Pita bread on a a large serving plate

Top with salad mix

Place remaining pita bread and falafels around the edge of the salad

Finish with Natural Yoghurt.

* you may choose to add some lemon zest to the yoghurt to add a bit more zing to the dish.

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