Sunday, 1 November 2015

On cloud 10

They say cloud 9 is the limit, where you feel extreme happiness and floating on air. However I think I have come across cloud 10.

Hash specialty coffee and roasters are delivering a unique theatrical adventure where you yourself can experience your very own cloud. A cloud of fairy floss that is.

Sitting delicately in a cup you gaze into the floss and pour luscious silky chocolate and watch it disappear before your eyes and creates the best hot chocolate I have had in a very long time.

Using a dark chocolate and designing the fairy floss to become the sugar component of this drink, it creates a luxurious silky hot chocolate that only makes you want more, but don't go crazy it's still intense and rich.

Dining with a friend today the chocolate was what I had heard a lot about, however their is no reason why we can't stay and enjoy a spot of lunch.

A simple but glamorous menu makes for a hard decision but the one thing that stood out to me were the croquettes. Who doesn't love a golden crumb coating with smooth delicate insides?

I know for certain I can't refuse
At Hash their croquettes were Leek and cheddar flavour that sat atop of cauliflower puree, ham hock, kale and s turmeric egg.

Golden crispy coating surrounded the smooth luscious leek and cheddar filling. The puree itself was delicate in flavours which allowed the ham hock and kale to come out and shine.
My friend in crime today chose the Crushed Avocado. Avocado finished with chilli, coriander and lime and accompanies with toasted corn arepas and cherry tomatoes. Something so simple but was told was delicious.

With light meals being offered while you indulge in other things, it leaves for a pleasant experience and able to spend time chatting the afternoon in the quieter end of Hardware street.

If you are not a chocolate fan, the coffee is also one to enjoy. Full bodied and medium strength. The crema is dark and is and easy drink to the palate.

Sure on weekends this place will be crowded of punters trying to grasp onto the newest thing on the city streets, and I laugh as I watch the staff hold back as others just like myself want to get the best photo available.

The staff are friendly and relaxed, which makes for an easy dining experience. Their is no feel of rush although they are attentive but not hovering to push you back out the door.

Will I be going back? Of course, although my friend has already bet me in returning.

She clearly couldn't wait to go again to try something new like the Grilled Banana and pecan loaf served with blueberries, milk crumb, burnt honey marscapone and whit chocolate custard.

Her response..... OMG Best decision EVER!

Hash Specialty coffee & Roasters
113 Hardware Street
8529 0284

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