Monday, 19 November 2012

If one eats less, One will taste more

It's always the way when selecting a restaurant, that we choose to always travel furthest first rather than travel around the corner our local.

It's strange how we think that although we pass it everyday and think to ourselves that, I should go there we never get there. We believe that it will be there tomorrow. But my question to you is What if it's not? What if everyone has had the same train of thought and your local has had to shut it's doors.

It's not because they have served bad food, in fact it's one of the best local restaurants, but because everyone chooses to travel to the city, they have had to close due to the expanding restaurants and the diverse competition that a small local restaurant can no longer compete with.

A local restaurant that I have finally made my way too is Bok Choy in Brighton. This quite large restaurant sits on the busy corner of Bay and New Street where many by passes travel along, dropping their children off at school and trying to make their way to the even busier Church Street.

This restaurant has caught my eye each time driving past advertising their Yum Cha and I am now pleased to announce that I have been and enjoyed my experience.

It may not have been a full restaurant but I must admit a fair amount of people come and go ensuring that at least tables are turning over.

Greeted and welcomed always makes a great beginning to the day, drinks on order and our waiter asking us whether we would be enjoying yum cha or a'la carte. Of course you can never say no to yum cha when it's on offer.

An ever changing Yum cha menu is placed before us, with also an explanation of yum cha specials that the chef designs and hidden off the menu.

Suggestions arranged by our waiter to get us started of Wasabi prawns, Peking duck pancakes and Chinese broccoli in soy were arranged in a blink of an eye. It was pleasing to have faith in the waiter as he arranges items even before you scour over the menu.

3 Juicy lightly coated king prawns are delivered to our table coated in a creamy wasabi mayo, hinted with a touch of sweet chilli. Don't be alarmed when you read wasabi, as here at Bok Choy they have mellowed out the flavour to accommodate all diners. A great special on offer and even greater suggestion by our waiter.

Servings of Prawn toast and Shark fin dumplings arrive from the Yum Cha trays which were flavoursome. Golden sesame prawn toasts were exploding with sesame flavours coating a thick layer of prawn.  Sweet and delicate flavours combined to make something so tasty, were an essence of succulence.

All the dumplings including the Shark fin were tiny drops of delicacy. An addition of scallop dumplings and pork dumplings each had their own identity and were cooked to perfection. Tasty and filling, we could have eaten more and more of these treasures.

Something that we have not had in Yum Cha before were the rice noodle rolls filled with a pork filling. These steamed noodle rolls were slippery and difficult to eat with chop sticks, only true talented chop stick holders would be able to tackle this dish. I however needed some lessons, so on this I opted for the good old trusty fork.

The pork filling was similar to that in a pork bun, with it's sweet BBQ flavour, tender pork and a drizzle of soy. A lighter option to those ever filling BBQ pork buns but held strong flavour to be enjoyed.

The duck pancakes were delightful and glad to also have the Chinese broccoli along with it. This light thin pancakes were filled with tender pieces of Peking duck and cucumber and were nourishing and it was not to long before they were gone. Quicker than I could believe myself, my pancake disappeared..... to send out a search party to find it may have been needed but I am not one to stay in denial that I ate it and made it vanish.

Our Chinese greens coated in soy were fresh and perfectly cooked, with a slight crunch on the broccoli steams, it was a fantastic accompaniment to go with our delicious and filling Yum Cha. I would suggest to do the same, as the flavours of the Yum Cha can be strong so it's a great idea to break it up and balance everything with some vegies.

It's only fitting though that to end our meals, was to be the Banana fritter. if anyone knows fritters better than anyone else it's at Chinese restaurants. They have never failed to produce outstanding fritters, and I'm not too sure many of you our there would disagree with me.

Golden crunchy coating covers sweet banana flavours and covered with a toffee coating and served with vanilla ice-cream. It's heavenly delightful of course. But you all know that.

Whether you enjoy Yum Cha or their extraordinary large a'la carte menu, there is surly something you would love and enjoy. The serve and food were impeccable and we will no doubtabley be joining them again with friends and family in tow.

Finding a good Local restaurant that you can support is an important thing to do. If you find one, then you should also tell at least 10 people of your find, so the word gets out even more. Although the city is a fantastic place to eat and where lays some great diversity in cuisine, you shouldn't forget the little man that is just down the street.

Bok Choy Chinese Cuisine
300 New Street
9592 0253

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